Specific Issue Order Allows Father and Son to Relocate to USA

28 October 2016

A Case Study by Family Solicitor Sarah Milner

Client Situation

Our client wanted to relocate to the USA with his 9 year old son who lived with him. He had started a relationship with a woman living in the USA and wanted to start a new life there.

The child’s mother was not in agreement with the move as she was worried about how much time she would get to spend with her son if he were to move.

How We Helped

Family Solicitor Sarah Milner issued an application for a Specific Issue Order for the Court to decide whether our client was allowed to remove his son from the UK permanently.

Sarah prepared a detailed statement for the Court outlining our client’s plans for his sons’ accommodation and schooling, the support network he would have through his new partner in the USA and his plans for contact between the child and his mother.

The Outcome

At the second Court Hearing the child’s mother agreed to the relocation and the Court ordered that our client was allowed to relocate with his son. Their visas have been approved and they are planning to relocate just before Christmas.

A Specific Issue Order is a Court Order that deals with Parental Responsibility issues such as where a child or children go to school, medical treatments, religious upbringing and removing a child children out of the UK.

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