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International Divorce Case Study – Singapore Court Order Ratified in English Court

25th August 2016

By International Divorce Solicitor Tracey Moloney

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Client Situation

Our client, Mr & Mrs J had divorced in Singapore.

Mr & Mrs J had agreed on how to split their matrimonial finances and had gone to Court in Singapore to get a Court Order to reflect their financial agreement. The Court Order contained a number of assets held in the UK and included the family home and a pension.

The Court Order from Singapore, which both Mr & Mrs J agreed to said that Mrs J should sign over her part of the family home in the UK to Mr J, and that Mr J should transfer some of his pension to Mrs J.

Unfortunately, even though both Mr & Mrs J agreed with the Court Order made in Singapore, without a UK Court Order, none of this was possible.

How We Helped

Head of Family Law Tracey Moloney, who specialises in International Divorce, made an application to the Court here in England. This application asked the English Court to ratify the Court Order made in Singapore in English Law (the law in England and Wales).

Once Tracey had made the application to the English Court, she drafted an English Court Order that exactly mirrored the Court Order made in Singapore.

The Outcome

The Court here in England granted permission to ratify the Court Order made in Singapore and gave leave to have the Draft Order sealed by the Court, making it legally binding in English Law.

Once the Court had done this, Tracey could make arrangements for the transfer Mrs J's part of their marital home to Mr J and authorise Mr J's pension provider to put in place the Pension Sharing Order for Mrs J as agreed by them both and by the Court, firstly in Singapore and then in England.

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