Prohibitive steps order & non-molestation court orders - case study

05 May 2016

Client situation

Miss l has suffered from domestic abuse from her ex-partner. She was scared of him and wanted protection from him for her and her child.

She was scared that her ex-partner would try to take their one year old daughter from her as he had recently threatened to do so.

How we helped

Within 24-hours of miss l contacting us, one of our family lawyers made an application to the family court for a protective order for miss l and for her one year old daughter.

The court made a prohibitive steps order and also a non-molestation order. This was given without notice to miss l's ex-partner.

He was requested not to attend the first hearing because of the potential impact on miss l.

The outcome

The court hearing took place and miss l's ex-partner did not attend court. The court made final orders.

The prohibitive steps order was made until further order. This mean that miss l's daughter is protected until she is 18 years old, unless this is varied by the court. The prohibitive steps order also stops miss l's ex-partner from removing their daughter from miss l's care without her permission.

The non-molestation court order was made final to last one year. This will stop miss l's ex-partner from:

  • contacting her except through a third party to enable child contact arrangements
  • using or threatening violence against her
  • intimidating, harassing or pestering her
  • being on her road
  • encouraging anyone else to be abusive towards her.

For more information about a prohibited steps order, a specific issue order or a child arrangement order see court orders for children.

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