Consent Order to Protect Financial Interests - Divorce Case Study

19 July 2016

Client Situation

Mr E had started divorce proceedings. He and Mrs E could not agree over how to deal with the financial aspects of their marriage. This included the money, property and assets they held together.

How We Helped

We asked Mr E to provide us with information about all income, assets and liabilities of both him and Mrs E.

Once we reviewed this information, we discussed what we’d found with Mr E.

We advised him that it would be less costly and time consuming if he and Mrs E could reach a financial agreement through Solicitors’ negotiations, Family Mediation or Collaborative Law.

Mr E was informed that if he and Mrs E could not agree, it would be necessary to make an application to the Court to resolve their financial issues.

Mr E and Mrs E were referred to Family Mediation to help them try to reach an agreement. However, Mrs E was not willing to engage. Mr E asked us to issue an application to the Court for a Financial Order.

We prepared the necessary documents for Mr E’s Court hearing and instructed Counsel to represent the client on the day. At the first Court hearing, Mr and Mrs E reached an agreement about their matrimonial finances. The agreement was approved by the Court and drafted into a Consent Order.

The Outcome

Because Mr E and his ex-wife reached an agreement at the first Court hearing, Mr E saved time, money, stress and avoided a prolonged Court case.

Mr E now has a Court Order which protects his financial interests in the future.

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