Divorce Case Study – Contact and Access to Children

11 April 2016

Client Situation

Mr W asked our family law team to help him with his divorce. He needed help to deal with the financial issues the divorce raised and with getting access to the children. The divorce and the financial aspects are still on going, but Mr W was not allowed any access to his children, aged 4 and 6 years old.

His immediate problem was access to the children. He had a family wedding to attend in France and his daughter had been asked to be bridesmaid, but his wife, Mrs W did not him allow any contact, nor did she give permission for him to take the children to the wedding in France.

How We Helped

We made an application to the Court for a Child Arrangements Order under Section 8 of the Children Act 1989. This allowed Mr W to have contact with his children and it also covered the specific issue of taking the children out of the UK for the wedding.

The Outcome

The Court Order gave a regular framework of contact between Mr W and his children. He has access for alternate weekends with 2 overnight stays included in the weekend contact. He was also given contact in the week.

The Court also ordered that Mr W should be contacted directly by the school, so he could be informed of parent's evenings, school trips and all school reports. This meant that Mr W did not have to rely upon Mrs W to provide him with this information.

Mr W took his two children aboard for the wedding, as agreed by the Court, and his 4 year old daughter was a bridesmaid at the wedding for the first time.

Mr W was very happy with the outcome and sent us photos of the wedding, showing his daughter as a bridesmaid.

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Divorce Case Studies

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