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Child Arrangement Order Reunites Father and Son

22nd August 2016

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Client Situation

Mr A contacted our Family Law Solicitors about maintaining contact with his 10 month old son. He had been having regular contact with his son every Saturday at his ex-partner’s property, but his ex had stopped the contact because Mr A had not been making sufficient maintenance payments. 

How We Helped

Our Family Law Solicitors wrote to Mr A’s ex asking her to allow Mr A to have contact with his son again as the issue of maintenance was a separate matter and was not a valid reason for stopping contact between Mr A and his child.

In the letter to Mr A’s ex, we also made it clear that if she did not allow Mr A to have contact with his child, the matter would be referred to a Mediator. The Mediator would contact both parties and try to set up an initial meeting to see if mediation was viable.

We also explained that if Mediation was not successful, our Family Law Solicitors would make an application to the Court about getting contact for Mr A.

Unfortunately, Mr A’s ex would not agree to allowing Mr A contact with his son or to attending mediation.

Mr A asked us to apply to the Court for a Child Arrangement Order. We made representations to the Court that CAFCASS (Children and Family Court Advisory and Support Service) should be instructed to prepare a report about whether contact between Mr A and his son should be reinstated. The Court agreed.   

The CAFCASS report recommended that contact be reinstated. Mr A’s ex finally agreed to allow him to have contact with his son. 

The Outcome

We prepared a Consent Order outlining the contact our client would have with his son. This was approved by the Court.

Mr A is delighted to now have regular contact with his son again. He also has the protection of a Court Order so if his ex-partner stops him having access to his son in the future without a good reason, Mr A can simply apply to the Court to enforce the Court Order.

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