Family Law Case Study - Shared Child Care Arrangement Reached

27 July 2016

Client Situation

Mr N called our Family Law Solicitors for legal advice about a shared care arrangement for his 6 year old child. Mr N had already made a separation agreement with his ex-partner which agreed shared care for their child after their separation.

But Mr N soon became aware that his ex-partner was planning to move to a different part of the UK. Mr N was worried that he would lose shared care of his child if she moved away, and also about the impact of the move on his relationship with his child.

How We Helped

One of our Divorce Solicitors discussed the situation with Mr N at length, including an explanation about how shared child care arrangements can be formalised into a shared care agreement, called a Parental Agreement.

Mr N agreed that we should write a letter to his ex-partner. The letter outlined the concerns that Mr N had for his child.

We assured Mr N that if we did not receive a satisfactory response from his ex, the situation would be referred to Family Mediation. The Mediator would try and help Mr N and his ex to reach an agreement about their child care arrangements. 

The Outcome

Mr N did not receive a satisfactory response to the letter. Mr N and his ex were referred to and attended Family Mediation. After several sessions, they reached an agreement.

After the Mediation sessions ended, we helped Mr N to formalise the details of their shared care agreement. A Parental Agreement was prepared, agreed and signed by Mr N and his ex-partner.

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