Divorce Case Study - Divorce after a 3 Year Separation

29 June 2016

Client Situation

Mrs L contacted our Divorce Lawyers as her marriage had come to an end and she wanted to get a divorce.

She had been married to Mr L for 20 years, but he’d left the family home 3 years ago. Mrs L decided that enough time had passed and she was ready to get divorced.

Our Divorce Lawyer advised Mrs L that she could petition for divorce using the fact that they had been separated for 2 years.

How We Helped

Our Divorce Lawyer wrote to Mr L explaining the situation about Mrs L wanting a divorce. He asked Mr L to sign a Consent form confirming that he and Mrs L had been separated for 2 years.

Mr L signed the Consent form, our Divorce Lawyer prepared the Divorce Petition and it was sent to the Court.

The Outcome

The Court considered the Divorce Petition and agreed that Mrs L had grounds for a divorce on the fact that she and Mr L had been separated for 2 years. The divorce was granted on this basis.

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