Favourable Divorce Financial Settlement - Case Study

03 February 2017

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Client Situation

Ms M started divorce proceedings against her husband. The divorce itself was not contested, but the division of financial assets was disputed.

Our client wanted to keep the family home and was willing to pay out a lump sum. However, her ex-husband did not accept this. He demanded half of the property and was keen to take the matter through the Courts.

Ms M contacted our Divorce Solicitors for specialist legal advice about how to resolve the financial settlement

How We Helped

We advised Ms M about the divorce and financial settlement. We obtained the divorce within a matter of months. Regarding the division of assets, we fully investigated the finances of Ms M's ex-husband and discovered he had a large pension, to which our client had some entitlement.

We suggested an out of Court settlement and mediation, but Ms M's ex did not agree to either. We therefore helped Ms M through the Court process, arranging for a Barrister to represent her at each of the three Court hearings.

The Outcome

Ms M got a favourable outcome that was better than the original deal she was willing to make before seeking our advice. The Court awarded her the family home, leaving her ex-husband without a financial claim to the property. She didn't have to pay out a lump sum of money and she was awarded 15% of his pension.

Speaking about the service she received from our Divorce Solicitors, Ms H said, "I was very surprised and very pleased with the outcome. I received straightforward advice and paid in little instalments, which made things manageable. The Family Law team were all really good and recommended an excellent Barrister for me."

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