Settlement Reached after Without Prejudice Conversations


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Settlement Agreement Reached after Without Prejudice Conversations

21st October 2016

Client Situation

Our London based client contacted us after some serious allegations had been made against him at work. He was concerned about the steps his employer may take and he wanted expert legal advice before responding to his employer. Our client’s primary concern was that he may lose his job and not be provided with a reference.

How We Helped

We arranged for the client to speak with one of our Employment Solicitors to carry out a Telephone Assessment the following morning, for a Fixed Fee of £60 including VAT.

To speak with an Employment Solicitor for 30 minutes for £60 including VAT, call 03306069589 or contact us online and we will call you. See complete details.

During the Telephone Assessment we provided clear advice on his legal position and steps he could take to try and improve his situation. We advised him on a number of different options, and specifically how to approach a discussion with his employer in order to bring his employment to an end in return for financial compensation and an agreed reference.

As a result of the legal advice we provided during the Telephone Assessment, our client felt confident to approach his employer on a “without prejudice” basis (off the record) to discuss a potential exit package. With the benefit of our advice our client knew how to approach this conversation and what he could reasonably request.

The Outcome

Following the “without prejudice” conversations with his employer our client was successful in achieving a Settlement Agreement payment of £6,000 tax free, plus his notice pay and an agreed positive reference.

We provided our client with the necessary legal advice on the terms on the Settlement Agreement. After making some necessary amendments to the agreement, terms were agreed and signed.

By getting expert legal advice early we were able to guide our client through an emotionally difficult time and enable him to reach an agreement without delay. This case took 3 weeks from start to finish.

Without Prejudice Explanation: A “without prejudice” conversation with an employer means that the conversation is “off the record” and neither party can refer to the conversation in an Employment Tribunal or Court case.

For legal advice or to arrange a Telephone Assessment with an Employment Solicitor for a Fixed Fee of £60 including VAT, call 03306069589 or contact us and we will call you.

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Clear, concise responses. Very supportive in challenging situations. Just because of this and the confidence in advice being given to me. Very reassuring and stood me on good ground. Anonymous

I liked the personal touch of phone calls to explain things and not just email. I also felt the person dealing with me cared about what was best for me. Anonymous
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