Settlement Agreement Solicitor Gets Offer Increased by 25%

06 June 2016

Client Situation

Mr B. was having problems with his manager at work. He felt bullied by his manager and thought he was being managed out of the business. He was also given a disciplinary which was completely groundless.

 Mr B. spoke to his employer about his treatment and how he was unhappy with the situation. In response, his employer offered him a Settlement Agreement so they could end his employment but wouldn’t be exposed to the risk of an Employment Tribunal claim.

How We Helped

Mr B. contacted our Employment Law Solicitors for advice about whether the Settlement Agreement his employer had offered him was reasonable. Our Employment Law Solicitors prepared a detailed investigation report which looked at Mr B’s potential Tribunal Claim and the chances of success and likely compensation if he took his employer to Court rather than accepting the Settlement Agreement.

Once Mr B. reviewed the investigation report, which outlined how much we thought was a reasonable settlement and how best to approach negotiations, Mr B. asked us to approach his employer to negotiate a better settlement on his behalf.

The Outcome

We contacted Mr B’s employer and outlined the possible issues they faced because of the treatment of Mr B and gave them a figure which she felt better reflected the treatment he’d received.

Once Mr B’s employer had reviewed our letter, they offered an increase in the settlement agreement offer. We successfully negotiated a 25% increase. We discussed the increased offer with Mr B. and advised him that it was a reasonable offer. As part of the settlement agreement Mr B’s employer agreed to pay our legal costs for advising Mr B on the terms of the settlement agreement so Mr B did not have to pay any further legal costs once we had negotiated the settlement.

Mr B decided to accept the better settlement offer and we continued to support him through the signing of the Settlement Agreement with both written advice and advice over the telephone about the effect of signing the agreement.

Mr B was happy that by using Co-op Legal Services he had the peace of mind that he knew the strengths and weaknesses of his possible claims and that helped him make a decision about the financial settlement his employer offered him.

He was also delighted that we secured an additional 25% on the original offer amount.

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