£250,000 Employment Settlement Agreement Reached in 3 Weeks

10 November 2016

Client Situation

Mr W from Derbyshire, contacted our Employment Solicitors after having been approached by his employer with a Settlement Agreement. Following a company merger Mr W’s role was not required and a different management structure was being introduced.

Mr W was happy to accept the financial settlement being offered but wanted to ensure the wording in the proposed Settlement Agreement was fair.

How We Helped

Our Employment Solicitors reviewed the proposed Settlement Agreement along with Mr W’s contract of employment. We advised our client in detail about the wording of the proposed Settlement Agreement and noted some amendments were required.

From our review of the proposed Settlement Agreement it was identified that wording was missing which would mean the client would receive slightly less than what had been agreed between the client and his employer.

We also identified other amendments that were required to the body of the proposed agreement. We corresponded with the employer seeking to have the necessary additions and amendments made.

The Outcome

Two weeks after receiving instructions from our client Mr W, the Settlement Agreement was signed securing our client an amount just under £250,000

Mr W was pleased matters had been resolved so quickly as his employment had ended leaving him in limbo until an agreement was reached and signed.

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