Employment Law Case Study - Employee Told to Leave Job

19 October 2015

Client Situation

Our client was unexpectedly told to leave her employment after over 10 years’ service. Her employer gave no reason for asking her to leave but handed her a Settlement Agreement to bring her employment to an end.

She was understandably upset and required legal advice about her position.

How We Helped

We reviewed her situation and produced a comprehensive investigation report advising her about her options. We had concluded that she would have a claim against her employer and that the compensation offered in the Settlement Agreement was not sufficient.

Our client instructed me to conduct Settlement Agreement negotiations on her behalf. We wrote to her employer’s representative outlining the errors they had made and the claims we would pursue if our counter offer was not accepted.

The Outcome

The employer agreed our counter offer resulting in an increased compensation payment being made to our client.

As part of the Settlement Agreement service we also advised on the meaning and effect of each clause of the agreement, and successfully negotiated inclusion of an agreed reference and removal of some clauses that were considered too restrictive.

Our client was pleased to resolve matters without having to resort to Employment Tribunal action. After agreeing an increased compensation amount and an agreed reference, our client felt able to move on and start afresh elsewhere.

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