Victim of Road Accident and Assault Awarded £25,000 Compensation

12 September 2019

Client Situation

Mrs C was sitting in stationary traffic when another driver collided with the back of her car.

After the impact, Mrs C got out of her car and reached for her camera, so that she could take photographs of the scene as evidence. The other driver left his vehicle and challenged the Claimant asking what she was doing. When she responded that she was taking photographs he pushed her and pushed the camera down, before driving off in such a way as to hit the side of Mrs C's left leg.

The Defendant drove off without exchanging details, but fortunately Mrs C had managed to record his registration number before he drove away. Mrs C then reported the incident to the police.

Mrs C suffered from a number of symptoms as a result of the collision, including an exacerbation of her fibromyalgia. This caused her increased pain, which affected her ability to work.

Other injury symptoms included:

  • Somatic symptom disorder
  • Whiplash injury to the neck causing an 18 month exacerbation of pre-existing neck condition, involving headaches and radiation of pain
  • Whiplash injury to lumbar spine causing 18 month exacerbation of pre-existing condition
  • Traumatic injury to left knee exacerbating underlying condition by period of 12 months

Although Mrs C remained fit for work after the accident, her capacity to work was reduced and as a result, she changed jobs to find a less intensive work regime.She also incurred financial loss by requiring groceries to be delivered weekly after the accident for a period of approximately two and a half years.

How We Helped

Mrs C instructed Co-op Legal Services to take on her Personal Injury Claim, and the case was ultimately assigned to Personal Injury Solicitor, James Wormell.

Our Personal Injury team built Mrs C's claim, collecting together all of the necessary evidence. This included obtaining expert medical evidence from orthopaedic, rheumatological, psychological and pain management sources.

This information enabled James to establish the effect that the accident had on Mrs C, and determine the impact it had had on her life, as well as the losses she had sustained as a result.

When calculating the value of Mrs C's claim, the physical battery brought a more complex element, engaging the award of aggravated damages, alongside special damages and general damages.

The Outcome

James negotiated with the other side to achieve a fair compensation settlement for Mrs C. The Road Accident Claim settled with Mrs C being awarded compensation in the sum of £25,000.

The police also successfully charged the defendant with battery and road traffic offences. The defendant was convicted in the Magistrates Court as a consequence, and sentenced accordingly.

Most Serious Injury claims can be dealt with on a No Win No Fee basis.

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