Client Awarded £21k in Public Liability Claim after Accident while Working

19 July 2019

Our client was working as a delivery driver when he fell on a defective concrete surface at an entrance to a customer's garage. He was off work for 4 months following his accident. Our Personal Injury Solicitors secured over £21k in compensation for his injuries.

Client Situation

Our client, Mr B, was working for a company that sells vehicle parts. In May 2018, he was carrying out his usual duties and was delivering some vehicle parts to a garage premises.

The parts were delivered to the manager of the garage, and Mr B collected some other parts that needed returning. He proceeding towards his vehicle while holding these packages. As he turned around, he tripped over a section of concrete that was protruding 3-4 inches above the surface.

Mr B went over on his right ankle and fell to the ground on his left elbow. He was taken to hospital by his daughter, where medical professionals established that he had ruptured his hamstring and bruised his leg, which was described to be 'black and blue.'

He was advised to rest his leg and was referred to physio. However, the following day Mr B was suffering from further pain in his elbow. He visited his GP who prescribed antibiotics to treat the swelling in his elbow. However, the pain continued and a few days later Mr B again went to A&E where they performed an x-ray on his elbow. This established that he had a fracture in his elbow and his arm was put in a sling.

How We Helped

Mr B contacted Co-op Legal Services and his case was allocated to Personal Injury Solicitor, Neil Sagar. Neil instructed a Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon to carry out an assessment of Mr B's injuries. The consultant determined that the accident had directly resulted in a 2-5 year acceleration period of Mr B's degenerative lumbar spine condition.

Mr B also suffered from a fractured elbow spur for 5 months and a ruptured hamstring for 5 months. This was factored in when calculating a reasonable compensation settlement figure for Mr B.

In addition to the pain and discomfort suffered by Mr B as a result of his injuries, the accident also had a significant impact on his day-to-day life. Mr B was off work for a total of 4 months following his accident. His daughter also cared for him for up to 10 weeks after the accident, helping him with personal care and domestic chores.

The Outcome

As Mr B's accident happened on privately owned land, Neil negotiated with the public liability insurer of the occupiers of the land. The Public Liability Claim was settled without the need for Mr B to attend Court.

Neil secured a compensation payment for Mr B for a total of £21,171.61.

This included compensation for the pain and suffering Mr B had suffered as a result of his injuries, as well as his loss of earnings and the care provided by his daughter. It also included compensation for the mild disadvantage that he may potentially suffer on the open labour market should he be required to undertake a manual job.

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