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Accident at Work Claim Settled for £31,500

31st January 2019

Client Situation

Our client, Mr I was involved in an accident at work while carrying out security checks in an armoured lorry. There were no steps to aid Mr I in climbing out of the lorry, so when he stepped out of the vehicle there was a drop of about 2ft. Mr I's foot buckled as he stepped down and he fell.

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As a result of the fall, Mr I suffered a fracture to his left foot, nerve damage and Complex Regional Pain Syndrome. These injuries had a significant impact on Mr I's day-to-day life. He was unable to walk on his foot for more than 5 minutes at a time, he struggled with driving as this exacerbated his symptoms, his sleep cycle was disrupted, he was unable to carry out any DIY at home, his leisure activities were impacted and he had to wear a larger shoe to fit his swollen foot.

How We Helped

Mr I got in touch with our Personal Injury team, and the case was allocated to Personal Injury Solicitor, Neil Sagar. Neil immediately set about assessing the full extent of Mr I's injuries.

Neil arranged a specialist consultation for Mr I with an Orthopaedic Consultant, arranged MRI scans and nerve conduction studies and then arranged an examination with a pain management expert. He then obtained quotes for a Pain Management Plan for Mr I.

At this stage, Neil issued and served particulars of the claim, as the claim was nearing limitation. Limitation is the time limit within which a claim can be brought, and this is generally 3 years from the date of the accident.

Following Mr I's consultation and scans, further pain management was recommended. Neil recommended to the client that he undergo further treatment before settling the claim, but the client was eager to settle as quickly as possible.

The Outcome

During negotiations, the defendant make an initial Part 36 offer of £10,000. This offer was declined and Neil continued to negotiate the settlement of Mr I's behalf. After further negotiations, Neil settled the claim for £31,500.

This figure incorporates potential future pain management treatment costs, so although Mr I may continue to suffer from permanent pain, he will be able to cover the costs of any ongoing pain management treatment that he needs.

Client Testimonial

"Neil Sagar - I would like to thank you for your advice and support in my claim. If it were not for your advice I would not have received a substantial amount of compensation for my injury. You have been very clear in your advice to me and were always prompt to answer any queries I had. When I had any doubt as to what I should do, you gave me first class advice. I hope I never have any more injuries. But if I should ever find myself in need of a first class service I will call you. Kindest regards and thanks." D.I., Norfolk

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The claim was set up quickly and everything was explained to me properly. L. H., London
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They kept me up to date with everything and were very helpful. I could call my case handler any time for advice. Mr J., Windsor
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