15 Year Old Awarded £500k for Post Concussive Neurological Injuries

19 November 2019

Our Serious Injury Solicitors supported the family throughout the Personal Injury Claim, arranging specialist treatment and negotiating a fair settlement on their behalf.

Client Situation

Mstr I was a 15 year old, promising GCSE student, who was involved in a serious road traffic accident when he was travelling with his family. His mother and sister were also involved in the accident, which left them with serious and life changing injuries.

Mstr I was knocked unconscious when the accident happened. When he woke up he was confused, disorientated, and in pain. He suffered facial fractures along with cuts and bruising. He was lucky, however, that although he had sustained significant physical injuries these did not require surgery and they were expected to heal fully.

Over time Mstr I fortunately made a recovery from his physical injuries, but he found it very difficult to return to school and study. He was a very bright student and with hard work and determination he managed to return to school to complete his GCSE studies, but his results were not as he had hoped or expected.

Mstr I found it difficult to concentrate and often felt detached from reality. He struggled to understand why he felt so different and he began to lose friends.

He lacked motivation and found it difficult to continue his studies, dropping out of 6th form before completing his A-levels. Subsequently he carried out a number of unskilled jobs, and he was affected by low mood and fatigue. This stopped him from carrying out training for his desired job as a chef.

Mstr I felt unable to pursue his anticipated career path and had lost contact with many of his friends and peer group, who had left school to go to university. He felt stuck in a rut, with his future disrupted. However, it was initially far from clear what injury was responsible for these symptoms.

How We Helped

Mstr I's family instructed the Serious Injury Team at Coop Legal Services to help them and claims were presented on behalf of the entire family. The case was ultimately assigned to Senior Personal Injury Solicitor, Jason Harries.

Fortunately our Serious Injury Solicitors were able to identify that the head injury suffered in the road accident was likely to be the reason for Mstr I's ongoing problems. The accident had resulted in a significant concussion injury, and it was this injury that was causing him difficulties. This is referred to as post-concussion syndrome (PCS) which is not a well understood condition.

Our Serious Injury Solicitors liaised with the insurers of the other vehicle, who accepted that the accident was their driver's fault.

It was agreed that the family would need assistance to overcome the effects of the accident. Consequently, a rehabilitation plan was put in place allowing for physical therapies and psychological treatment to be arranged.

A specialist neuropsychologist began treating the PCS, which helped Mstr I understand what was happening to him and why he felt as he did.

Expert opinions from multiple experts were obtained, including from neurologists, neuropsychologists and neuropsychiatrists to support Mstr I in his claim. A barrister was engaged at an early stage and formal advice given over a number of years to understand the consequences of the accident and to ensure the right medical experts were contacted to provide advice.

The Outcome

The conclusion was that the ongoing symptoms of fatigue and impaired concentration were related to the accident. It was also concluded that these effects were likely to be lasting, and would impact upon Mstr I's ability to work in his chosen career at the level he had anticipated.

Mstr I was advised face to face by our Serious Injury Team throughout the course of his claim and he also received expert medical advice throughout. This enabled him to be fully advised as to the outcomes of the case and how a Court would be likely to value the claim.

Following a face to face settlement meeting involving Solicitors, barristers and the insurers a settlement was agreed at £500,000. This included an award to reflect the difficulties that Mstr I would face in securing work in the future.

Client Testimonial

"The best of the best. The Co-op legal team have acted comprehensively, professionally and have shown both sympathy and empathy to myself and my family throughout the course of our claims. I can't speak highly enough of their services." A.I., Oxford

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