Customer Very Pleased with Co-op Probate Service

08 October 2018

Client Situation

Lesley contacted our Probate team to handle the administration of her late father's Estate. The family had used Co-op Funeralcare for the funeral service and having been so pleased with the service, Lesley decided to instruct Co-op Legal Services to also take care of the Probate.

Four years previously, Lesley's mother had passed away and the family had used Co-op Funeralcare for her funeral. Lesley explained that they were really pleased with the service and the way in which everything was handled, so had no hesitation in using Co-op Funeralcare again for her father's funeral.

Lesley told us that this was the first time she had ever had to go through Probate and she knew very little about the process (aside from the fact that it involved a lot of paperwork!) This prompted her decision to instruct Co-op Legal Services to carry out the Probate work on her behalf.

How We Helped

The main asset in the Estate was a property, which needed to be sold. We arranged for a valuation of the property to be carried out before marketing the property with an estate agent.

We liaised with the estate agents and the conveyancers on behalf of Lesley throughout the sale of the property, so that she did not need to do this.

We calculated that Inheritance Tax would not be payable on the Estate, as it fell below the threshold. We notified HM Revenue & Customs of this and submitted the relevant paperwork.

Lesley gave us Power of Attorney to act on her behalf during the Estate administration. This meant that we were able to apply for the Grant of Probate and sign the TR1 forms for the sale of the property on Lesley's behalf, without her needing to be present.

As a result, the administration of the Estate could progress without delay and we kept Lesley updated at each stage of the Probate process.

The Outcome

Lesley felt that she was well-guided through the legal process of Probate, despite it being so unknown to her. She said that everything went very well.

Lesley told us that she had feared that "a significant amount of money might have been shaved off the Estate" in Probate fees, but found this not to be the case at all. She was pleasantly surprised and felt that our fixed price Probate service was very reasonable.

She and her two siblings were each left with a sizable share of the Estate, and they were all very pleased with this outcome.

Client Testimonial

"Everyone was friendly and helpful right through from the Co-op Funeralcare staff on the day of the funeral, to the Co-op Legal staff."

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