Uncontested Divorce Costs Less

24 November 2016

When a marriage breaks down, there are usually lots of things to sort out. As well as ending the marriage formally by getting a divorce, you will also have to think about what is going to happen to your finances and children.

The first step is to start the divorce proceedings and if you can agree with your spouse about who will do this or that you will not defend the divorce (called an Uncontested Divorce) the cost to get a divorce will be cheaper.

For Uncontested Divorce our Fixed Fee Divorce provides you with a Divorce Solicitor to take you through the usual steps to end a marriage in England & Wales.

If you or your former spouse decide to defend the divorce proceedings, your divorce is going to cost more money and take a lot longer, with you having to go to Court for hearings and give evidence so a Judge can decide whether or not to grant the divorce.

So is there such a thing as an amicable divorce? Can you really end a marriage without fallouts and arguments? The answer is yes you can and it is the best way to do it, particularly if you have children and you will have to have an ongoing relationship with each other.

Marriages break down for all sorts of reasons and it’s not always because one person has had an affair or behaved badly. Sometimes it is simply because you were not compatible or have grown apart over time. In these cases, there is often not as much bad feeling and you can work together to end the marriage, as you worked together throughout it.

Who Should Start Divorce Proceedings?

In England & Wales either spouse can start the divorce proceedings, particularly when the marriage has been over for two years or more. If both you and your former spouse want to get divorced, it often does not matter who starts the proceedings but the spouse who starts the proceedings (known as the Petitioner) does the majority of the work and so you may wish to consider this before you start divorce proceedings.

Fixed Fee Divorce

As the divorce Petitioner does the majority of the work in divorce proceedings, they will incur the majority of the costs but it is not uncommon to agree with your former spouse to share the divorce costs. By working together you can make the divorce process as easy and stress free as possible, keep your divorce costs to a minimum, and both feel like you have achieved a fair outcome.

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