U.S. Divorce Lawyers Claiming $600,000 on Prince’s Estate

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U.S. Divorce Lawyers Claiming $600,000 on Prince’s Estate

23rd December 2016

It has emerged that Divorce Lawyers are claiming the late pop legend Prince owed just under $600,000 in outstanding legal fees.

Lawyers in Palm Beach, Florida, say Prince died without having paid $599,735.63 in legal fees which he incurred when divorcing his second wife.

Prince was married to Manuel Testolini, a Canadian philanthropist, for five years. She filed for divorce in 2006 and it’s unclear as to why the legal fees have been left unpaid for a decade.

It’s believed the Palm Beach law firm has asked for the costs to be reimbursed from Prince’s Estate.

Prince, who won seven Grammy Awards, an American Music Award, a Golden Globe Award, and an Academy Award for the film Purple Rain; died earlier this year, aged 57, of an accidental opioid overdose.

Cost of Divorce

The cost of Prince’s second divorce seems eye-wateringly high, although this is not unusual in celebrity divorces. It was reported that Mel Gibson’s divorce from Robyn Moore Gibson cost $425million while Rupert Murdoch’s divorce from Anna Murdoch cost $1.7billion.

Fortunately these price-tags are not something that most people will encounter when getting a divorce. But how much does a divorce really cost?

The answer will differ from case to case, depending on factors such as whether the divorce is uncontested or contested, and whether there are assets to be shared. The true cost of divorce can be much higher once other considerations are taken into account, such as the cost of dividing assets, finding new accommodation and legal fees.

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