33% of Divorced People Feel Lonely

23 December 2016

According to our research, 33% of people who are recently divorced or separated said they always or often feel lonely.

The research was carried out in partnership with the British Red Cross, with whom Co-op have teamed up with to tackle loneliness and social isolation. The findings have been put together in a report called Trapped in a Bubble.

It found that major life changes can trigger loneliness, such as becoming a parent, recent bereavement, retirement, developing health or mobility issues, and getting divorced or separated.

The report suggested that for those who had gone through a divorce or separation in the past two years, a lack of confidence contributed towards feelings of loneliness, as people felt out of practice in engaging with new people.

Having to go to social events on your own, instead of as part of a couple, was another issue that divorced or separated people found hard to overcome.

For those who feel lonely, the festive season can be a particularly difficult time, especially for those going through a divorce or separation. Christmas is often a time when families come together to celebrate, and if your relationship has recently broken down, the absence of a spouse or children can be extremely upsetting.

If you are feeling lonely you can call British Red Cross on 0344 871 11 11 (Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm).

Plans for further help are also underway, with the British Red Cross setting up new services in 39 locations across the UK. It is hoped this will help over 12,000 people experiencing loneliness to reconnect with society.

The scheme will be funded by Co-op, which in the last year has raised £4million for the charity.

Richard Pennycook, Chief Executive of Co-op Group said, “Our research identifies how ordinary events in life have the potential to disrupt our social connections and can lead to individuals becoming lonely.”

“Having identified trigger groups we can act much earlier to prevent loneliness potentially becoming a chronic issue for many.”

Family Law & Divorce Solicitors

Having to deal with the practicalities of a divorce or separation can add to your worries. The thought of losing contact with your child or the family home can increase feelings of loneliness and fear, while disputes with your ex-spouse can isolate you from friends you once mutually shared.

If you are struggling with the divorce or separation process, our Family Law & Divorce Solicitors can help you. We can guide you through the divorce process, and can help you with issues such as child-care arrangements, property and the division of matrimonial assets.

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