Where Can I Make a Will?

14 November 2017

You don't actually have to go anywhere to make a Will that is legally valid in England and Wales. Co-op Legal Services offer both an online and a telephone Will writing service.

For initial advice about making a Will call our Will writers on 03306069591 or contact us online and we will help you, or Start your Will online and get the right Will for you in 4 steps.

Our telephone service enables you to do everything over the phone, from the initial call to one of our Will Advisors to find out more about our service, all the way through to taking your instructions and ultimately sending your final Will for signing.

Alternatively, you can save time by starting to make a Will online now. Once you’ve completed the online journey, the service allows you to self-book an appointment to speak with a Co-op Will Writer who can discuss your wishes and answer any questions that you have. Our online Will writing service is available at any time of day or night.

By using either the online or the telephone only service you can easily start to make a Will from the comfort of your own home or whilst at work.

If you would prefer to go somewhere to make a Will you can look online to find a local Solicitor which offers Will writing services. If you choose to go down this route you should be prepared to make more than one trip to the Solicitor’s office. The first appointment is usually to determine what you would like your Will to include. After you've received the initial draft of your Will, you may have to go to the Solicitor’s office again to sign your Will in the presence of two witnesses.

We recognise that many people lead very busy lives and simply don't have the time to visit a Solicitor’s office to make a Will, which is why our Will writing service is conducted online and over the phone. This also allows us to provide legally valid Wills for a really competitive cost and we will also store your Will securely, free of charge, for your lifetime.

Importantly we are also regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority for your added peace of mind. Many people are unaware that the Will writing industry is unregulated, which means that anyone can set up a Will writing business regardless of their experience or qualifications. As a result they may not be well equipped to do the work properly, with integrity or in a way that’s in the client’s best interests.

Making Wills together with Your Spouse/Partner

If you and your spouse or partner want to make Wills together, then our Will writers will arrange to speak with both of you over the phone at the same time.

It can be tricky trying to get to a Solicitor’s office during business hours at a time when you’re both available. Arranging your Will over the phone at a time that suits you both makes everything a little easier. Even if you are both in separate locations, we can use a conference call facility.

How to Start Preparing Your Will Online

Our online Will service will take you through the initial steps of preparing your Will. The online tool sets out the Will writing process and explains the terms that are likely to crop up, such as “Beneficiary” and “Executor”. This means you can take the time you need to fully understand what’s involved in the Will writing process without feeling rushed, so you can be sure that you’re completely happy with everything before you get started.

During the online Will writing process, you will be asked to answer a series of questions covering:

  • Your personal information (such as name, address, date of birth)
  • Who you would want to inherit your money and possessions after you die (known collectively as your Estate)
  • Who you would want to act as the Executor of your Estate (this is the person responsible for dealing with your Estate after you die)
  • Whether you own a business, foreign property and other things that may affect the type of Will that you get.

After you have filled in all the initial information online, you can then choose a time to speak with one of our Will writers. The Will writer will run through your details, discuss your needs and review your wishes. They can also answer any questions that you may have.

Once everything has been decided, we will write the initial draft of your Will for you. We’ll send a draft version through the post or email for you to check. If you need to make some changes, you can let your Will writer know and ask for the changes to be made (there is no additional charge for this). Once you’ve confirmed that you’re happy, we’ll post you the original Will for you to sign, together with simple instructions on how to sign it properly.

Can I Sign My Will Without Visiting a Solicitor?

Once you have received your finalised Will, you will need to sign this in the presence of two independent adult witnesses. These could be friends, neighbours or colleagues, but it should not be family members or beneficiaries of the Will.

You do not need a Solicitor to be present when you sign your Will.

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