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Main Beneficiary Died During Probate - Case Study

12th December 2017

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Client Situation

Our client’s father, Mr Y, passed away leaving his wife as the sole beneficiary of his Estate. Co-op Legal Services were instructed to administer the Estate of Mr Y. The instruction came through Mr Y’s children who wanted to reduce the stress of Probate as much as possible by instructing Co-op to arrange to transfer and pay all of Mr Y’s assets to Mrs Y.

Mrs Y then became ill during the administration of her husband’s Estate and sadly passed away before we had finished administering Mr Y’s Estate.

With our Probate Complete Service we take full responsibility for getting Grant of Probate and dealing with the Legal, Tax (not VAT), Property and Estate Administration affairs*.

How We Helped

After Mrs Y passed away, the family chose to instruct us to deal Mrs Y’s Estate at the same time as Mr Y’s Estate. This meant that two Estates within the same family needed to be dealt with simultaneously.

Dealing with two Estates simultaneously can sometimes become complicated and can take longer to administer than a single Estate. However, we reduced the burden on our clients by taking full responsibility for dealing with Probate and the administration of both Estates at the same time.

There were numerous assets held within the Estates. These compromised of shareholdings, bank accounts, pensions, life policies and properties which would need to be sold or transferred.

The Grant of Probate applications for Mr Y and Mrs Y’s Estates were submitted at the same time.

The items submitted to the Probate Registry included the Oath for probate and Inheritance Tax forms. Mr and Mrs Y both died without leaving a Will. We found that there was no Inheritance Tax to pay for Mr or Mrs Y’s Estates as the total value of their Estates did not exceed the nil rate band.

The family of Mr and Mrs Y chose to use our Conveyancing services to transfer one of the properties and to sell the other.

The Outcome

Both Estates were administered swiftly. The properties were dealt with as requested and the Estate administration was completed in 10 months. The family of Mr and Mrs Y were kept fully updated throughout the process by a designated Case Manager.

For free initial advice and guidance call our Probate Advisors on 03306069584 or contact us online and we will help you.

*We can pay all the costs of a Co-op Funeralcare funeral, providing the Estate owns sufficient assets which can be sold in due course to repay our costs.

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Probate Client Video Testimonial and Case Study

I liked how much easier you made it for me during the passing of my father. B.M., East Midlands
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