Why Do People Put Off Making a Will?

10 December 2015

Despite the importance of making a Will and the far-reaching consequences of not having a Will, it tends to be one of the most overlooked legal documents in the UK.

There are several reasons why people typically put off making a Will, and equally, there are plenty of good reasons why you should make it a priority.

People Don’t Think they Need a Will

It should not be assumed that if a person dies ‘Intestate’ – that is, without making a Will, then their Estate will be distributed equally between their loved ones.

The reality is that, if you do not have a Will, then the law decides what happens to your Estate (which includes your money and possessions and even your pets). Whilst some of this may coincide with your wishes, there is always the possibility  that it will result in outcomes you would not have wanted; and many that you may not even have considered. The only way to ensure that your wishes are clear is to take the time to put a Will in place.

No One Likes Paperwork

There is a perception that making a Will is a time-consuming, complicated and expensive process. As such, it’s something that many people put off for another day.

In practice, although it will need some commitment of time, money and effort, making a Will doesn’t have to be a stressful or expensive.

As with most such endeavours, the first step is often the hardest – and it needn’t be. That’s why at Co-op Legal Services we offer free initial Will writing guidance, to ensure that you understand what’s involved, the costs and how long it is likely to take before going ahead.

We know that people are generally very busy getting on with life and free time is often limited. In order to help you with this, our Will writing service enables you to write your Will from the comfort of your own home and at a time convenient to you.

No One Wants to Contemplate their Own Death

Making a Will can seem macabre, since it necessarily involves thinking of a time when you will no longer be around. Most of us spend a large amount of our lives making sure our loved ones are well looked-after. It seems strange that we would devote such a great deal of effort providing for our families now, when a small investment of time and money would ensure they will continue to be provided for when we are not there to do it ourselves.

Not a Priority Right Now?

Most legal documents are required due to either exciting or pressing life circumstances. Unlike a mortgage, a wedding or a divorce, we don’t have the same kind of immediate prompt to get on top of making a Will. Unless we are unlucky enough to suffer a health scare or serious illness, there’s no external nudge to get the ball rolling. We may recognise that we will need a Will one day, but many people assume that today is not that day.

In practice, it’s reassuring to know that you have already made a Will,and those major life events like buying a house or having children should only prove an additional reminder to make sure you have put your wishes on record or updated your Will if you already have one. When making a Will with Co-op Legal Services, you will benefit from the advice of an informed and experienced Will writing professional, who can give you the support you need.

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