Probate Questionnaire

19 November 2015

Take our Probate Questionnaire to See if Probate is Required

To help you find out if Probate may be required in your particular circumstances, just answer 8 questions in our online Probate Questionnaire.

In order to determine if Probate is required, you will need to know how the deceased’s property was owned, and have a rough idea of the financial assets in the Estate (everything owned at the time of death).

If you are unsure whether Probate will be needed, or if you don’t have some of this information, either click on the unsure button in our online questionnaire, or call our Probate Advisory Team on ​03306069584 or contact us online and we will help you.

To start answering the questions see online Probate Questionnaire.

Co-op Legal Services are the largest providers of Probate and Estate Administration services in England and Wales, trusted to deal with over £1.3 billion in Estates annually.

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