Divorce: How to Have a Happy Christmas

18 December 2015

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Divorce can take a long time and as a result, you may already be going through a separation from your spouse this Christmas. Your divorce will obviously affect you but there are some steps you can take to try to remain positive and enjoy the festivities this Christmas.

Make Alternative Arrangements

If you have children and you are without them on Christmas Day, this is bound to feel upsetting and lonely. To combat this, make alternative arrangements for the day as early as possible – go out for Christmas lunch with some other single friends or ask them all to yours for the day. If you don’t have any single friends and are at a loss, there are lots of opportunities to volunteer. Homeless charities, charities for the elderly and many other possibilities are available, a quick search on Google can provide some ideas. Most importantly don’t spend it alone.

Christmas Day Part 2

If you don’t have the children with you this year, do Christmas with them on another day. You may want to do the whole turkey dinner, Christmas pudding and presents or you could do an alternative Christmas Day Part 2, with a meal of their choice, presents, Christmas films and all the other Christmas Day goodies. Planning this can help you have a positive event to look forward to and the kids will think it is brilliant as they’ll get two chances to do all the things they love, including spending time with both of their parents.

It’s Not about Money

Even if you cannot compete financially with your ex, some of the simplest things really can be the most memorable. Taking the kids to the local playground to play, a walk around the City Centre or a local park can be a brilliant way to enjoy your time with the children. Even planning TV shows or films around other activities and telling the kids about the plans and ideas can really help to create excitement on a budget.

Stay Positive

This can be really difficult but it will help both you and the children. If your ex-spouse is being difficult, don’t let on to the children, no matter how hard this is for you and implement the coping strategies you have in place to deal with these stressful situations.
Whatever you do this Festive Season, do all you can to stay positive and enjoy yourself.

For initial divorce legal advice call our Divorce Solicitors on 03306069626 or contact us online and we will help you.

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