Who’s the Honest One, You or Your Partner?

27 June 2017

If you get a divorce, can you rely on your ex to be honest? This is something you really need to consider, as it could affect your decision as to whether to get a ‘quickie divorce’, or whether to ask for the help of a Divorce Solicitor.

Unfortunately honesty can be an issue during divorce. It’s hardly surprising, as it’s a time when emotions are running high, and there isn’t a desire to give assets away to someone you’re no longer in a relationship with.

But it’s not just one or two white lies here and there. Actually it’s more widespread that you might think. According to our research, 58% of people would consider hiding assets or their earnings from their partner, were they to get a divorce__*__.

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That means that just 42% of the population would be honest during divorce. So if you’re soon to be getting a divorce, you might wonder – who’s the honest one, you or your ex? As the odds are that one of you will consider hiding money from the other.

Now, this isn’t too much of a problem if you’re using a Divorce Solicitor. Divorce Solicitors will review the financial situation of both yourself and your ex. If anything seems amiss, your Solicitor will spot the problem and investigate it further, ensuring nothing is missed from the divorce settlement.

But where the potential issue lies is in ‘Do-It-Yourself’ divorce. DIY divorce is favoured by some because they want to keep costs down. And if the divorce isn’t disputed, why bother to get the lawyers involved?

But if you’re going down the DIY divorce route, the fact of the matter is that you won’t have the kind of insight that a legal professional has. This means that if your ex is lying about his or her wealth, you may never find out about it, as you won’t have the chance to scrutinise their assets and look for any inconsistencies.

If there is thought to be a problem, a Divorce Solicitor can write to your ex’s Solicitor, asking for the full disclosure of assets. It’s even possible to apply for a Court Order, which would force your ex into revealing the true extent of their wealth. But you won’t have this kind of legal backing with a DIY divorce.

Without the assistance of a Divorce Solicitor, any dishonesty may well go undetected, meaning some of your ex’s assets may remain under the radar. If so, you won’t receive the divorce settlement to which you are legally entitled. So ultimately a DIY divorce could prove more costly that you first thought.

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* Research carried out by Atomik in March 2017 involving a survey of 1,065 participants

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