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What is the Threshold for Probate?

21st July 2017

The threshold for Probate is generally £15,000 although it depends on which banks and financial institutions are holding the deceased person’s assets. Therefore it’s always best to seek legal advice to check whether or not Probate is required.

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When someone dies, the Executor of their Will may need to apply for Probate. If there isn’t a Will, this responsibility will fall to one of their family members instead. This person is known as the Administrator.

Probate gives the Executor or Administrator the legal authority to deal with the deceased person’s assets. This is important because, as you can imagine, banks can’t allow just anyone to withdraw money from a deceased person’s account. But if you’ve got a Grant of Probate, it confirms that you have the legal authority to do so.

Probate Thresholds

Probate won’t be needed if the deceased person owned very little. However, it’s hard to say exactly what the threshold for Probate is.

It’s generally considered that if everything the deceased person owned is worth less than £15,000 Probate won’t be needed. But this isn’t true in every situation. This is because each financial institution has their own limit that determines whether or not Probate is needed. This ranges from £5,000 to £75,000.

Each financial institution also has different rules on whether the threshold is confined to the amount held in the account, or relates to the overall value of the Estate (meaning everything the deceased person owned).

So some banks and financial institutions might say that Probate is required if there is £30,000 being held in an account, whereas others might say that Probate is needed if the entire Estate is worth £30,000.

Therefore if your loved one has recently died, you’ll need to check which financial institutions are holding their assets. You’ll then need to find out what the Probate thresholds are for each.

It’s worth noting that even if your loved one’s Estate is below the Probate threshold, a financial institution can still request that a Grant of Probate is obtained. This is common where there is a complex family situation or a large Estate.

Having said that, if a deceased person’s Estate is worth less £5,000, it would be unusual for Probate to be needed.

Check if Probate is Needed

If your loved one has recently died and you’re not sure whether Probate is needed, we can help you. Our Probate Advisors can discuss the size of the Estate with you, and will let you know if Probate is required or not required.

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