Top 10 Reasons to Use a Divorce Solicitor

26 May 2016

Some people can manage the divorce process themselves and there is no reason why you shouldn’t consider doing this if your divorce case is simple, and you are comfortable that decisions you make now will not affect your future, or the future of your children.

For example, in England and Wales, if your ex contests the divorce it is unlikely that you would be able to do the divorce yourself. Also, your matrimonial finances and child living arrangements should be settled before you start the divorce process.

There are some very good reasons for using a Divorce Solicitor, these include:

  1. Using a Divorce Solicitor Reduces Stress
    No Divorce Solicitor can take away all the stress of a divorce but by using a specialist Divorce Solicitor, you can allow them to deal with all of the paperwork and manage all the deadlines. You can rest assured knowing that your specialist Divorce Solicitor has the expertise to handle your divorce for you. A Divorce Solicitor can’t always help with the emotional fallout of your divorce, but they can offer emotional support, an ear to listen and an opportunity to get things off your chest. This will help to reduce the stress of divorce.
  2. A Divorce Solicitor Makes the Divorce Process Easier
    Following legal processes and procedures you’re not sure of when going through a divorce can pile on the pressure when you’re probably already feeling stressed and worried. Using a Divorce Solicitor to manage the legal processes and procedures for you will help the process feel less worrying and a bit easier for you.
  3. Peace of Mind
    As with any legal process, you may be concerned that if you do it yourself that you may not complete the paperwork properly and you might worry about the possible delays that could cause. Using a Divorce Solicitor will give you the peace of mind that everything has been completed properly and on time.
  4. A Divorce Solicitor Can Avoid Delays
    A specialist Divorce Solicitor knows the types of holdups and delays that can happen in a divorce. Because your Divorce Solicitor understands what these delays are and is aware of them, they can tackle them before they become an issue.
  5. You Don’t Have to Deal with Your Ex
    Depending on the nature of your separation and divorce, this may be one of the best reasons to use a Divorce Solicitor. Even if your split was amicable, you probably won’t want to be speaking to your ex on a very regular basis. Your Divorce Solicitor can manage all communication with your ex meaning you won’t have to. This doesn’t mean that you won’t know what’s being said, just that you won’t have to deliver the messages. This can be a real benefit, particularly in a divorce where there is a lot of animosity.
  6. Your Divorce Solicitor is Impartial
    If your ex decides to contest the divorce, your Divorce Solicitor is in the perfect position to deal with this. Chances are, your emotions are bubbling just below the surface and if you were faced with your ex contesting the divorce, things could go very wrong. But by using a Divorce Solicitor, they can discuss your options with you calmly so you are clear on your next steps and you can make a rational decision. Your Divorce Solicitor is not emotionally involved and can give you an impartial and unbiased view of what to do next.
  7. You Can Get on with Your Life
    By using a Divorce Solicitor, you can start to rebuild your life even whilst the divorce is continuing. Yes you will have to speak to your Divorce Solicitor regularly for updates and deal with paperwork, but this has to be preferable to dealing with the divorce and your ex-partner yourself.
  8. You Can Focus on Your Children or Financial Issues
    Using a Divorce Solicitor or Lawyer can help you to focus on your children who will be dealing with the impact of your split and will probably need more of your help and support during the transition. If you don’t have children together, you will probably have financial issues to work through. Whatever you have to focus on, you don’t have to worry about how the divorce is progressing as you can be sure that your Divorce Solicitor is moving things along for you.
  9. A Solicitor Can Help You to Use the Most Amicable Approach
    Most people want their divorce to be as easy as possible and with the least animosity possible. Many people think that using a Divorce Solicitor means you are being antagonistic, but the reality of it is that a Divorce Solicitor can actually guide you to the most amicable solution. With their experience and expertise they can help you to achieve your goal to reduce the animosity between you and your ex and to reach an agreement that will suit you both.
  10. A Solicitor Can Help if Your Ex is Not Cooperative
    One of the most challenging issues faced by many people wanting a divorce is no cooperation from their ex-partner. This type of tactic can seriously impair the chances of getting a divorce through at all. A Divorce Solicitor on your side can change this significantly though. They know and understand how the divorce process works and can help you to successfully manoeuvre through the process no matter what the barriers are.

In one of our recent divorce cases, the husband was not cooperative, this resulted in the wife getting a 40% share in the marital home and 50% of her ex-husbands pension. See Divorce Case Study – Husband Agreed to Nothing.

At Co-op Legal Services we offer both Fixed Fee Divorce and fixed Divorce Solicitor hourly rates. Once we have provided you with a written quote for the agreed work to be done on your divorce case, that price will not change.

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