Divorce Decisions Checklist for Divorces in England & Wales

30 August 2016

When you get a divorce, you’ll need to make lots of decisions to do with your family, property and finances.

Our Family Law and Divorce Solicitors can help you with these decisions. 

Take a look at these questions to see some of the things you might need to think about.

Your Family Home

  • Who’ll stay in it, who’ll leave, and when?
  • Can you (or your ex-partner) afford to stay in it?
  • Have you transferred your gas, water and electricity accounts?
  • Have you told the Council? (you could get a 25% discount on your Council tax for single occupancy)
  • If you’re moving out, have you let people know and sorted out getting your mail sent on?
  • Have you told your buildings and contents insurance provider?
  • Have you sorted out who pays other household bills, like the TV and internet? And have you closed or separated those accounts?

If You Rent Your Home

  • When does your tenancy end?
  • Whose name is the tenancy in?
  • Are you going to transfer the tenancy to one of your names?
  • Is your rent paid up to date?

If You Own Your Home

  • Whose name is the property in?
  • Are you going to transfer it to one of you?
  • Who owns the property? If you’re going to transfer it, have you spoken to your mortgage lender?
  • If you own the property as joint tenants, do you want to change this?
  • Is your mortgage paid up to date?
  • If you need to, have you registered your right to live in the family home?

State Benefits

  • Have you told the relevant government departments you’re not living as a couple any more?
  • Have you checked to see if you’re eligible for any state benefits?


  • Have you agreed who’ll repay what?

Bank and Building Society Accounts

  • Have you separated your joint accounts?


  • Have you agreed where your children will live and who with?
  • Have you agreed how you’ll support them financially?
  • Have you made arrangements for them to see the parent they won’t live with any more?
  • Have you told your children’s school, doctor and any other relevant agencies or services about the changes?


  • Do you need to make a Will or change an existing one?
  • Who would you like to inherit your money or look after your children if anything happens to you?


  • If you named your partner as a beneficiary under a pension or life policy, do you want to change this?

Top Divorce Tip - Money and Property

Make sure you think about protecting your finances early on, because getting a divorce won’t automatically settle your money and property arrangements.

You will need a Court Order if you want to finalise divorce financial matters – even if you and the respondent have agreed. For complete information see Clean Break Orders & Consent Orders explained.

If you’d like help with divorce financial matters and things like supporting yourself after the divorce, where you’ll live and your legal rights to any pensions or property, please contact us for free initial divorce advice.

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