Making a Will Online, Over the Phone or Face to Face

19 September 2019

There are a whole host of reasons why people put off making a Will. It could be because uncertainty around cost, it could be a reluctance to think or talk about death, or it could be down to simply not knowing where to start.

At Co-op, we provide a range of fixed fee Will Writing services with various levels of guidance to help you take that first step.

Our Will Writing services include:

  • Our online Wills service
  • Our telephone Wills service
  • Our home visit Wills service

Our fixed fee pricing starts from just £125+VAT for a Single Will or £195+VAT for Mirror Wills. For more complex Wills, we can provide you with a no obligation written quote before any work starts. Once you have been given a quote, that price won't change.

Here's how each of our Will writing services works...

Online Wills Service

Our online Wills service is the perfect solution for those who may have a relatively straight forward Estate and/or already have a reasonably good idea of how they would like to distribute it.

Our online Wills service is available 24/7 and makes the Will writing process as straightforward as possible, while still providing helpful guidance and support.

When you begin making your Will with our online Wills service, you'll be asked to input important information about your Estate and your final wishes. You'll be given guidance on what to include as well as definitions of the various legal terms.

Once you've finished inputting these details, you'll be asked to select a date and time for a follow up telephone appointment with a Will Writer. On the call, your Will Writer will go through all of the information you've provided, as well as addressing any missing information and answering any questions you have. They will also discuss your circumstances and your wishes with you, to ensure that your Will is properly suited to your needs.

Your Will Writer will draft your Will for you and you'll be posted a copy of this to review. You can make any amendments or alterations as needed, and once you're happy with everything, you'll be sent the original to sign in the presence of two witnesses.

Telephone Wills Service

Our telephone service is designed for people who need a little more support and guidance, but don't have the time or the need for a lengthy face to face discussion. This might be someone who has some queries about how the Will writing process works, or who wants to talk their plans through with a professional before taking the first step.

When you contact us by phone, a Will Writing Advisor will discuss your requirements with you, explain how the Will writing process works and provide you with initial advice and guidance. They will also confirm the fixed fee price to draft your Will. If you are happy to proceed, your Will Writing Advisor will book a telephone appointment with a Will Writer at a time that's convenient for you.

During the telephone appointment, your Will Writer will discuss your circumstances and ask you to provide details of your Estate. You'll be asked to provide information such as what assets you own, who you would like to inherit these from you and who should be responsible for administering your Estate after you die.

If you have any questions along the way, then your Will Writer will take the time to explain everything to you clearly, avoiding legal jargon.

As with the online Wills service, you will then be sent a draft copy of your Will to review, and once you're happy you'll be sent the original to sign in the presence of two witnesses.

Home Visit Wills Service

Our home visit service is perfect for those who have a more complex Estate or want a more comprehensive discussion on how best to protect their wealth for future generations.

The home visit service is provided by Co-op Estate Planning and the legal drafting is carried out by Co-op Legal Services. Once you book your consultation, an Estate Planning Consultant will visit you at your home to discuss your requirements in detail and talk you through your options. Once your Consultant fully understands your needs, they will make recommendations on what type of Will best meets your requirements and they will work closely with you to make a Will that safeguards your family's financial future.

We understand that making a Will can seem daunting, so we try to keep things simple. Regardless of which service you use, everything will be explained to you in simple, straightforward language, so that you have total clarity throughout the process.

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