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How to Make a Serious Injury Compensation Claim

1st August 2019

If someone suffers a serious injury or dies because of the actions or negligence of someone else, then it may be possible for them (or their loved ones) to make a Serious Injury Claim for compensation. This article explains the purpose of Serious Injury Claims and how they work.

Most Serious Injury claims can be dealt with on a No Win No Fee basis.

What is a Serious Injury?

A serious injury is a personal injury that is so severe it has life-changing consequences for the injured person. These injuries are also referred to as 'catastrophic or major trauma injuries'. Examples of serious or catastrophic injuries can include:

Serious and catastrophic injuries often impact not only on the life of the injured person, but also on the lives of their loved ones. For example, if the injured person requires round-the-clock care and can no longer carry out certain tasks independently, then they may be reliant on their loved ones for short-term or long-term care. They may also need to make adjustments to their home and make changes to their day-to-day life, including their work.

An accident resulting in a serious injury could happen anywhere. This could be a road accident, for example, an accident at work or a slip, trip or fall accident. Or someone could sustain a serious injury as a result of medical negligence.

Serious Injury Compensation Claims Explained

If a serious injury has been sustained because of someone else's actions or negligence, this is where Serious Injury Compensation Claims can really help and make a difference, by removing the burdens on the injured person and their family.

The purpose of a Serious Injury Claim is to compensate for and minimise the impact that the serious injury has on the injured person's life. Through rehabilitation and compensation, the aim is to get them back, as far as is possible, to the position they were in prior to the accident.

During a Serious Injury Claim, the Solicitor will collate comprehensive information on all aspects of the accident and the resulting injuries. They will gather evidence of exactly how the accident occurred, including photographs and witness statements where possible. They will also arrange for specialist medical assessments to determine the extent of the injuries and arrange the appropriate treatment and rehabilitation to be undertaken.

Once they have gathered all of the necessary information, the Solicitor will calculate a fair amount of compensation for the injuries. They will then negotiate with the other side to achieve a settlement. If the other side denies fault, then the Solicitor will begin litigation.

A serious injury compensation payment sets out to:

  • Compensate the injured person and their loved ones for the pain and suffering that they have endured as a result of the accident
  • Cover any out of pocket expenses they have incurred because of the injury e.g. prescription costs and taxi fares
  • Cover the cost of rehabilitation and ongoing medical treatment
  • Cover any loss of earnings that have been suffered by the injured person and their loved ones
  • Cover the cost of any adaptations that are needed to the injured person's home, or (if applicable) the cost of moving to a new home that better accommodates their needs
  • Cover the cost of any adaptations that are required to be made to the injured person's workplace
  • Cover the costs of either family care or professional care needs
  • Compensate the injured person and for the reduction in their quality of life

How to Make a Serious Injury Compensation Claim

The first step in making a Serious Injury Claim is to contact a specialist Personal Injury Solicitor at Co-op Legal Services. Once you contact our Serious Injury Team our specialist Solicitors will assess your claim for free and explain exactly how the claims process will work for you.

We'll ask you to provide as much information as you can about the accident, including exactly where, when and how it happened. We'll also look to establish the extent of the injuries sustained and details of any medical treatment that has been received so far.

If you instruct us to take on your claim, your dedicated specialist Serious Injury Solicitor will guide you through the claim, providing advice and support at every stage. While the claim is being settled, it may also be possible to secure interim compensation payments to help cover loss of earnings and out of pocket expenses.

We can deal with most Serious Injury Claims on a competitive no win no fee basis. This means that if your claim is unsuccessful, then there's nothing for you to pay.

For free initial advice call our Serious Injury Solicitors on 0330 606 9587 or contact us online and we will call you.

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The Solicitor dealt with my accident in an extremely professional way. She was proactive and stayed with my case from start to finish. Thank you. K.S., Midlands
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