Divorce Day – how to cope during divorce

04 January 2021

On the first working Monday after the New Year, Divorce Lawyers across England and Wales tend to see a spike in divorce applications. For this reason, this day has been dubbed 'divorce day.'

Fewer enquiries are expected on Divorce Day 2021 following an increase in divorce rates during 2020, triggered in part by coronavirus lockdowns. But a smaller increase is still anticipated. We look at the reasons behind the annual New Year spike and offer guidance on how to cope if you're in this situation.

Christmas tensions

It may come as a surprise that Christmas is so closely linked to divorce, but there are several theories on why so many couples start divorce proceedings in early January.

For some, it may be that they already knew their relationship was over, but they wanted to get through one last Christmas together, possibly for the sake of their children or for their families. Or it may simply be that there's already so much to worry about over Christmas that they don't want to add a breakup into the mix.

For others, financial pressure can make Christmas a very stressful time which can put additional strain on an already struggling marriage. Add to this the intense amount of time spent together, particularly during coronavirus restrictions, and this can push some couples to breaking point.

Taking Stock

At the beginning of the New Year, we all tend to take stock and evaluate. We assess what we're happy with and what we're not happy with, and we think about how to change things for the better. For some, this could be a decision to leave an unhappy marriage and start afresh.

Coping with divorce

Whatever has led to this point, divorce can be very stressful for everyone involved, often turning worlds upside down. As well as the emotional turmoil, there are a lot of logistical matters that need to be dealt with, such as the legalities of the divorce as well as financial matters, living arrangements and child custody arrangements.

While it may be easier said than done, if you find yourself in this situation it's important to remember to look after yourself, both physically and emotionally. Try to leave the negativity behind as you start your new life and instead look to what the future holds.

By taking control of the situation, you can begin to map out your own path. Coronavirus has reshaped the way we live, but there are still proactive steps you can take. Consider taking up a new hobby, or simply get outside to meet with friends and family in line with your local restrictions, to take your mind off things. If you're suffering emotionally, make sure that you allow yourself time to grieve and time to come to terms with your emotions. But also don't be afraid to seek help from a qualified professional if you're concerned about your mental wellbeing.

Having supportive friends and family around you at this time will also be incredibly valuable. Pick up the phone, make use of video calls and get outside to meet people face to face when you can. Make sure that you have a strong support network around you who can provide you with a listening ear when you need it and who can also offer objective advice and guidance.

Professional Legal Support during Divorce

A Divorce Solicitor can lessen the burden of divorce by supporting you through the legal process of divorce, explaining each step of the process and providing advice and guidance throughout. Our Divorce Solicitors can talk you through your options and provide you with clear guidance on the best way forward.

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