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What is a Serious Injury?

23rd March 2018

Fundamentally, all those who suffer injuries caused by someone else’s blameworthiness, rightly consider them to be serious. However, when those injuries have long lasting effects or a greater impact on a person’s life, both in terms of say mobility or financially, they are categorised as serious injuries.

So, whilst there is no specific definition of what constitutes a serious injury in the UK, it is generally accepted that the following would describe a serious injury:

  • An injury that causes a person to be detained in hospital as an in-patient for an extended period, and which may have required surgery
  • An injury which will have lasting or even permanent implications for the injured person and that will have an impact upon their ability to work or which involve a change to their level of independence
  • An injury which causes death 30 or more days after the accident.

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What is the Impact of a Serious Injury?

A serious injury will usually have life-changing effects on the injured person, their family and friends. The injury can sometimes be life threatening and will often require the injured person to be admitted to hospital for extended periods of time, often on more than one occasion.

Some serious injuries require long-term ongoing treatment and rehabilitation and will usually impact permanently on the person’s quality of life. In addition, the injured person may not be able to continue in their same line of work, or they may have to give up work all together.

They might suffer permanent restricted mobility, which means that they have to adapt their way of life or psychological injury preventing them from to returning to gainful employment. This will often require lengthy periods of rehabilitation or psychiatric treatment and can result in changes to work, home life, childcare, and personal care.

The injured person may need the assistance of friends and family to carry out activities that they would normally have done themselves or could require ongoing professional care to assist them with day-to-day tasks. They may require adaptations to be made to their home or a new home, car or workplace so that they can restore their independence.

For this reason, a serious injury will usually have a significant impact not only on the injured person’s life, but also on the lives of those around them. Such injuries require a significant amount of support to be provided to the injured person and to their family.

Common Types of Serious Injury

Some of the more common types of serious injuries that our Solicitors have experience in dealing with include:

  • Amputations
  • Brain Injuries (and lasting concussion problems)
  • Spinal Cord Injuries (complete / incomplete)
  • Serious Orthopaedic Injury (to ligaments, joints, tendons, bones, nerves and muscles)
  • Severe Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Strokes / heart attacks
  • Chronic Pain Conditions
  • Crush Injuries / Internal Injuries
  • Multiple Fractures
  • Severe Burns / Scalding
  • Extensive scarring
  • Blindness

Common Causes of Serious Injury

Serious injuries can be caused in any number of ways, but some of the most common causes of serious injuries include road accidents (including dangerous driving), medical negligence, accidents at work, accidents in public places and accidents on holiday.

Get Help from a Serious Injury Solicitor

If you suffer a serious injury through no fault of your own, then you could be entitled to claim compensation. The purpose of compensation is to put you back in the same place as if the accident hasn’t happened. Thus it provides financial security and an opportunity for rehabilitation and full recovery.

It may be that you can’t work, so suffer a loss of earnings, or you may need to make costly adaptations to your home, or even move house. Your partner may have had to take time out of work to care for you, or you may need to buy specialist equipment to help you with daily tasks. All of these costs add up and will need to be taken into consideration when calculating a full and fair settlement, so that you’re properly compensated.

At Co-op Legal Services, our Personal Injury team includes specialist Serious Injury Solicitors who are experienced in dealing with claims arising from a broad range of serious injuries. We have the necessary expertise and experience to pursue a serious injury claim, seeking to maximise your recovery through rehabilitation and will negotiate on your behalf to secure a fair amount of compensation to reflect the impact of the injury upon your life.

Our Serious Injury Solicitors understand the true impact that a serious injury can have on the life of an injured person as well as on the lives those close to them. Our Solicitors can discuss your needs and support you with your recovery, applying for Interim Payments (where applicable) to pay for treatment and cover any ongoing losses before your case is settled.

We can also ensure that the correct expert opinion is obtained to comment not only on your injuries but upon the long term implications of those injuries.

For free legal advice call our Personal Injury Solicitors on 0330 606 9587 or contact us online and we will call you.

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