Get a Co-op Divorce Online or Use a High Street Solicitor?

25 January 2018

We use Angela’s divorce situation to show the differences between going to a high street Solicitor and using the Co-op’s online divorce service.

Angela’s Divorce Situation

Angela has recently separated from her husband. They have come to an amicable agreement that they should get a divorce and he has moved out of the family home. Angela and her husband have three children, aged 6-11, who have remained in the family home with Angela. Angela works in finance, working flexible hours so that she’s able to collect the children from school.

On top of all of her existing commitments, Angela now needs to find time to visit a Solicitor to make the necessary arrangements for her divorce. She can’t work out how she will manage to get to an appointment during office hours unless she takes holiday from work, which she’s very reluctant to do.

Angela Arranges Her Divorce with a High Street Solicitor

Seeing no other alternative, she books an appointment with a Divorce Solicitor and takes the afternoon off work to attend a meeting. The Divorce Solicitor talks her through the divorce process and provides her with the initial paperwork that she will need to complete. Angela takes this home and puts it to one side, until she has a chance to look at it a few days later.

When Angela comes to complete the paperwork one evening, there are a couple of sections that she’s unsure of. The Divorce Solicitor that she spoke to explained things well, but as a few days have passed she can’t remember everything that was said.

She knows that she needs to get the ball rolling so she completes the paperwork as best she can and sends this off to her Divorce Solicitor. This arrives with them within a few days. She receives a phone call from her Divorce Solicitor once the papers have been reviewed, advising that there are a few errors and some missing information.

They send her a fresh batch of paperwork to complete with some instructions, which she completes. It then takes her a few days to get round to putting them back in the post. In the end, the divorce papers spend a few weeks going back and forth before all of the information is correct. The Divorce Solicitor then sends these off to the Court to commence the divorce proceedings.

Angela Arranges Her Divorce Using Co-op’s Online Divorce Service

With Co-op Legal Services’ online divorce service, Angela can start her divorce proceedings online from the comfort of her own home, at a time that suits her. The only time Angela has to herself is late at night after the kids had gone to bed, so the flexibility of this service fits around her lifestyle.

Co-op’s online divorce service is accessible 24/7 and provides Angela with jargon-free guidance to explain the divorce process. This works well around Angela’s other commitments, as she can take her time to read through and understand the process whenever and wherever it suits her.

Angela goes through the online divorce service, filling in as much as the information as she can using the guidance provided online. Inevitably Angela still has some questions and there are some sections that she doesn’t fully understand, so she leaves these blank. But this isn’t a problem, Angela makes a note of the areas she’s struggling with and books a telephone appointment with a Divorce Solicitor at a time that suits her.

A Co-op Divorce Solicitor calls Angela on her lunchbreak, as requested, to discuss her circumstances, answer her questions and talk through the information that she had provided online.

The Divorce Solicitor explains the sections that Angela was unsure of, flags up any issues with the information already provided and helps Angela to fill in the blanks. Once Angela is happy and the Divorce Solicitor is confident that all the necessary information has been provided, the divorce papers are sent to Angela to sign and return.

As the divorce papers were completed and reviewed with the support of a Divorce Solicitor on the phone, there is nothing for Angela to amend. Angela is advised that if she’s happy with everything, then the divorce papers can be signed by the Divorce Solicitor and sent straight to the Court if she chooses, to save her the hassle of printing, signing and posting them back herself. Angela agrees to this, the divorce papers are signed by the Divorce Solicitor and immediately sent to the Court to start the divorce proceedings.

This whole process has only taken Angela a few days and she didn’t need to take any time off work to visit a Solicitor’s office.

Angela’s husband confirms to the Court that he is happy to proceed with the divorce. Co-op Legal Services then takes care of the rest of the work, completing the divorce process on Angela’s behalf and keeping her updated throughout.

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