Why Should You Use Co-op Conveyancing Service?

04 April 2017

We understand how time consuming and stressful buying and selling a property can be. No matter if you are a first time buyer or a seasoned home owner, the process can be difficult to understand.

To help you understand the Conveyancing process, here are five frequently asked questions and the answers:

  1. Why does the Conveyancing process takes so long?
  2. Why are the documents so complicated?
  3. At what point you should instruct a Conveyancer?
  4. What service you should receive?
  5. How much does Conveyancing cost?

We explain what you can expect from our Conveyancing service:

Why Does Conveyancing Take So Long?

Despite everyone wanting the same outcome, unfortunately it can take time to meet all the requirements that will enable you to move home. Typically the shorter the chain, the easier the process will be.

However, the longer the chain of property transactions, the longer it takes to align everyone involved. Each person will need to organise search results, valuations, mortgage offers, contract documentation, replies to enquiries and deposits – and that’s before you have even discussed a moving date. To learn about the Conveyancing process and the different key requirements, see our free online Guides to Buying a Property and Selling a Property.

It’s important to realise that each transaction is different. It will take longer to buy a new build property compared to buying an old terraced house, although if the Title is defective it could take even longer. Your Conveyancer will provide an approximate timeframe when they have reviewed the Title Deeds on your sale and/or the contract documents on your purchase. Depending on where you are buying in the UK, the property searches will take different timescales to be returned. Being part of a chain will also extend the process.

The solution is to be informed on a regular basis of progress, not only of your transaction but also the chain of people involved. Whilst it may seem frustrating, by having clear communication with your Conveyancer, estate agent and buyer/seller, the process may not seem as stressful.

We cannot guarantee your transaction will complete in record time, nor can we re-engineer the house moving process (unfortunately). But with our carefully chosen expert Conveyancing partners working with you, supporting and assisting you throughout the complete process, it will hopefully be as stress free as possible.

Why are the Documents so Complicated?

You may feel consumed by the amount of documents which are sent to you. You may also feel overwhelmed trying to understand them and how they all piece together. To help you, your Conveyancer will prepare a comprehensive report, written in clear plain English, setting out the transaction and all that’s involved.

We work with Conveyancers who take the time to explain the documentation, to explain if there are any onerous conditions, and what is involved in owning the property and what you are responsible for. This can range from whether a service charge and/or ground rent is payable, to which property boundary you are obliged to maintain.

If you do not understand any element of the transaction, it’s important you discuss this with your Conveyancer before you exchange contracts.

Our Conveyancers will not provide you with reams of documents without any explanation as to what they are, what they mean and what you need to know about them. You are paying for a quality, informative and professional service and this is what we expect you to receive from our chosen partners.

At What Point Should I Instruct a Conveyancer?

When you have accepted an offer on your property, or had an offer accepted on a property that you intend to buy, you may feel under pressure to appoint a Lawyer. Whilst time is of the essence, you need to understand the service you want to receive, what your expectations are and whether the Conveyancer can meet your needs.

For more information see How to Choose a Conveyancer.

What Service Will I Receive?

At Co-op Legal Services we have partnered with expert Conveyancers nationwide who will firstly provide you with a Fixed Fee Conveyancing quote including a No Sale No Fee Guarantee.

Your Conveyancer will provide you with a quick, professional and reliable service, and keep you informed of progress at key stages of the transaction. Communication and the customer journey was one of the key areas we considered when discussing the service with our Conveyancing partners. It’s important for us to ensure we refer you to Conveyancers we consider to be the best providers in the market.

We have also negotiated a competitive, fast service with property search and indemnity insurance companies to ensure a quick turnaround of information which will assist your transaction.

Your Conveyancer will ask for your preferred method of communication, be it post, email, text message or telephone, and tailor their service to meet your expectations. Your Conveyancer will build a rapport with you and manage your expectations throughout your transaction.

How Much Does Conveyancing Cost?

The feedback we received is that some organisations quote a low baseline fee, and before you know it you are charged additional fees such as mortgage redemption, telegraphic transfer fees, and a fee for acting for your lender. We do not believe in adding additional fees to the quote; we believe in transparency of costs to ensure you can budget effectively. The legal fee you receive as part of the Conveyancing quote is the legal fee you pay.

The No Sale No Fee Guarantee means that if you do not exchange contracts or the transaction does not proceed for any reason, then your Conveyancer will not charge you a legal fee. You will only be responsible for the disbursements you have incurred to date.

It’s true you can shop around and you’ll probably get a low quote, but you should always check that no other additional charges are payable. To help you understand what to look out for, see Conveyancing Fees Explained.

Why Choose Co-op Conveyancing Services?

Our Conveyancing partners will support you throughout your property transaction. You will have a dedicated case manager to work on your transaction with direct contact details including email and telephone.

We offer competitive Conveyancing fees and ensure transparency in pricing so you know how much you will need to pay. If your property transaction does not proceed, you will not be charged any legal fees, only the disbursements you have incurred to date.

For a free, fixed fee Conveyancing quote please click here. If you wish to proceed just select ‘accept and instruct’ and a Conveyancer will contact you as soon as possible to start your transaction.

No sale no fee conveyancing quote

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