Solicitors Help to Write Wills to Include Charities

31 January 2017

Remembering a charity when making a Will is increasingly popular across England & Wales and it's very easy to do. But while legacy giving is on the rise, there are calls for more to be done. Rob Cope, Director of Remember a Charity, says he hopes that by raising awareness, leaving gifts to charity will become commonplace when making a Will.

"While there has been a steady increase in the number of people choosing to include a charity in their Will, we are far from a place where legacy giving is the norm", he says. "Our research shows that while 35% say they would be happy to leave a gift in the Will, only 6.3% of people actually do."

In order to encourage legacy giving, it seems that Solicitors could hold the key. We carried out research in 2013 that showed that charitable gifts rose by a third when people were asked by a Solicitor whether they'd like to remember a charity in their Will.

The findings of our research have been supported by further studies, including one by the Law Society which showed that 46% of people felt Solicitors actually had a duty to suggest the idea of leaving a charitable gift.

Speak to a Professional Will Writer

When making your Will, your priority will almost certainly be your loved ones. You will want to ensure they are sufficiently provided for, before making any charitable gifts.

But if you would like to leave a certain amount to a charity (or charities), you can write the request into your Will. If you are making a Will with Co-op Legal Services, all you need to do is tell your Co-op Will Writer the name of the organisation and the amount you wish to leave.

It doesn't matter how much your legacy amounts to. The late actor Alan Rickman made headlines last year when it was revealed he left £100,000 to charities in his Will. Of course most people will not be able to afford anywhere near this amount, and this can deter some from leaving a gift to charity at all. However, the reality is that charities are always grateful for any gift received, regardless of the sum.

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