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How Often Does Medical Negligence Take Place?

27th March 2017

By Medical Negligence Solicitor Daniel Comerford

To answer this question, first let's establish what the term Medical Negligence covers. Medical negligence relates to the error/s of a medical or health care professional acting in their professional capacity whilst in the course of their employment/self-employment. These professionals might be employed by the NHS, privately employed or self-employed.

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There is no one database that considers all medical negligence claims but data is available relating to claims against the NHS. Each year the NHS Litigation Authority, the organisation which manages NHS negligence claims, publishes an annual report.

The report for 2015/16 contains a wealth of information, including the following key figures:

  • Of the 16,459 claims which ended in 2015/16, the patient was only unsuccessful in 4,935
  • Less than 1% of the claims that ended went to Court
  • £950.4 million was paid in compensation to injured patients
  • 10,965 new medical negligence claims were started
  • The new claims are comprised of the following types of claims:
  1. 33% - Aggregated Specialities
  2. 14% - Orthopaedic Surgery
  3. 12% - A&E care
  4. 10% - Obstetrics
  5. 9% - General Surgery
  6. 6% - Gynaecology
  7. 5% - General Medicine
  8. 3% - Radiology
  9. 3% - Urology
  10. 3% - Gastroenterology
  11. 2% - Paediatrics

As can be seen from the figures above, there were the equivalent of over 30 new clinical negligence cases per day just in the NHS during the 2015/16 financial year.

If you or a loved one has suffered an injury or illness as a result of negligent clinical or medical treatment it is essential to get expert legal advice from a specialist Medical Negligence Solicitor.

It is part of the Co-op’s ethos and values to provide help and support in enforcing legal rights so as to prevent injustice. We will always strive to secure the best possible compensation and rehabilitation support for our clients.

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