Divorce Hotel Launches in the UK

23 March 2017

Divorce Hotels have been around since 2011 when an entrepreneur from the Netherlands, watched a friend go through a difficult divorce. He felt the process was too “complicated” and it inspired him to create a very different kind of divorce experience.

Couples check-in to the hotel and spend the weekend finalising their divorce settlement. They have meetings with a Mediator who helps them come to a mutually agreeable arrangement. The rest of the time is spent enjoying the 5 star facilities, with candle-lit dinners, spa treatments and walks around the grounds.

With six Divorce Hotels in Holland and one in New York, the concept has now landed on English soil. The company behind the idea recently held its first event at a hotel in York and is looking for a permanent UK base to call home.

Divorce Hotel Check-in Criteria

To even be considered as a hotel guest certain criteria must be met.

  • You and your soon-to-be ex must be on speaking terms.
  • Child care arrangements are not up for discussion, so you must have already come to an agreement about this. If not, you’ll need a Divorce Solicitor.
  • You must be totally open and honest.

Tracey Moloney, Head of Family Law at Co-op Legal Services said, “It’s important to note that you don’t actually leave the hotel as a divorcee. Rather, it’s more of an admin exercise where you get divorce paperwork ready.”

“The divorce can’t be finalised until some months later, and a Solicitor will still be needed to prepare the Financial Order. This will then have to be reviewed by a Judge, so if it’s not fair or reasonable, you may have to start again – meaning that £10,000 weekend of nearly-divorced bliss was all for nothing.”

“With just one weekend to sort out divorce finances, there isn’t any time to be delving into hidden bank accounts. If there are any hidden assets, which can often be the case, the Financial Order may be overturned later, which will lead to unnecessary costs.”

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