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Digital Divorce Pilot Scheme

25th January 2017

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There’s been speculation about a Digital Divorce process for over a year now, but recent reports suggest changes could be coming soon.

The Times announced that a pilot scheme for digital divorce will be carried out this year. The pilot scheme will act as a test run, allowing separating couples to issue divorce proceedings online, something which has never been done before. Despite this progress, it has not been revealed when an online divorce service will be available to the wider public.

If and when digital divorce does become available, it will relieve the pressure on Divorce Courts, which currently deal with a huge number of divorce proceedings. According to The Times article, more than 110,000 divorce proceedings were started in 2015. The administration that is required can slow things down for separating couples, even if their divorce is straightforward.

By moving divorce online, it is hoped that for people facing an uncontested divorce the divorce process will be much faster, reducing the level of stress. This will undoubtedly be welcomed, as most people tell us they want the divorce to come through as quickly as possible, allowing them to move on. It will also give the Courts more time to hear more complicated cases where child custody or the division of assets may be in dispute.

Speaking about the prospect of digital divorce, Head of Family Law at Co-op Legal Services Tracey Moloney said, “Although an online divorce process will not be available any time soon, when it is up and running it will be innovative and will cut down on Court time, hopefully freeing up the system to allow Judges to spend more time dealing with more complex cases. It will also save the client time and expense.”

For uncontested divorce cases our Fixed Fee Divorce costs £300 including VAT and provides you with a Divorce Solicitor to take you through the usual steps to get a divorce in England or Wales.

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