Why Put Off Making a Will?

07 January 2016

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If you die in England or Wales without a valid Will, the law will decide who gets all your assets and possessions and yet there are reasons why many people put off making a Will.

In the UK alone, research shows that more than 60% of the population have not made a Will yet, but what are the most common reasons and are they good ones or just an excuse to avoid a difficult discussion?

  1. I'm too young to make a Will – this could be the best reason for not writing a Will – provided you are under 18. However if you are over that age the law allows you to put a Will in place. The reality is that none of us know how long we are going to live for, and whilst it is more likely that we will die in later life, there is no guarantee that this will happen. A Will is an essential addition to your life and the sooner you make one, the better for you and your family.
  2. I have no money/assets – you may not think that you have anything of value, but virtually everyone has something or is expecting to receive something in the future e.g. an inheritance from a relative. A Will is written to take into account what assets you have at the time of death, which means what assets you do or don't have now is largely irrelevant unless the value of your estate is going to determine who you want to benefit from it, which is rarely the case.
  3. It costs too much money/too complicated – it can be difficult to find out exactly how much it costs to make a Will, prices vary significantly from free to thousands of pounds. There are also lots of options such as DIY Will kits, DIY online Wills, telephone Wills and traditional face to face Will writing with a Wills specialist. It is understandable that many may feel a bit overwhelmed when deciding what to do and how best to proceed.

    At Co-op Legal Services we offer free initial advice and guidance over the phone about making a Will. We offer fixed fee services and we can tell you exactly how much your Will will cost upfront. 4. It takes too long – In the past making a Will in was a fairly slow process. You would have to arrange an appointment with a local Solicitor, then take time off work to visit during office hours, then discuss your situation, and then wait for the draft of your Will to arrive, then arrange more time off to go back to the office and sign it.

    However, these days making a Will doesn't take very long at all. At Co-o Legal Services one of our Will writers will discuss your wishes over the telephone. There is no need for you to travel or take time off and you can speak with our Will writers as often as you like until your Will is signed.

    A Will writing appointment by phone normally lasts less than an hour and we can also send correspondence via email. We would normally expect to send you a draft of your Will to review within 7 days of your appointment. Once you have approved the draft Will, just let us know and we will post the original Will for you to sign. It really doesn't take very long to make a Will once you're committed to getting it done. 5. It's too morbid – talking about what will happen when you die may seem morbid, but planning for your family's future isn't. Try not to think about it signifying your demise and more about how you can ensure that your wishes are followed and your family protected.

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