Online Wills Encouraging Younger People to Make a Will

23 May 2019

Data from Co-op's Will Writing service reveals a downward trend in the average age of Wills clients over the past 3 years, which has been attributed to the development of our Online Wills Service. The average age of someone taking out a Will with Co-op Legal Services has reduced by 6 years since 2016.

Co-op's online Will writing service enables clients to start making a Will at a time and a place of their choosing, because the service is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Once initial details have been submitted online, the client then arranges a telephone appointment with one of our Will Writers, who will complete any missing information, answer questions and provide advice and guidance before drafting the Will and posting this to the client.

This has made it quicker and simpler to fit in making a Will around a busy schedule, and the digital service is proving popular with younger clients.

How the Online Will Service Works

If you want to start making your Will with our online Wills service, this is how it works...

The online journey will guide you through a series of questions, and your answers to these questions will begin forming the basis of your Will. You'll be asked for details such as your name, address and date of birth. Then you'll be asked for the names and addresses of who you would like to name as the following:

  • Your Executor(s) – this is the person, or people, who will be responsible for administering your Estate after you die. It's always best to appoint more than one Executor, in case someone is unable or unwilling to act when the time comes

  • Your Beneficiaries – these are the people who will inherit from you. You can choose anyone you like as your beneficiaries (including the person you've named as Executor), and there is no limit on how many beneficiaries you can name

  • Your children's Legal Guardian(s) – these are the people who will take care of any children you have under the age of 18, in the event of your (and their other parent's) death

If there's any information that you're unsure of, or if you want to ask questions before making some of these decisions, then you can simply leave these sections blank for the time being.

Speak to a Specialist Will Writer

Once you've filled in as much information as you can, you'll then be asked to book a telephone appointment with one of our Will Writers. This can be at a time of your choosing between 9am and 7pm Monday to Friday.

On the call you will be given bespoke advice from a professional Will Writer, who can answer any questions you have, provide advice and guidance and fill in any missing information. Once they have everything they need, your Will Writer will draft a Will that is individually tailored to your needs.

During the phone call, your Will Writer will also check with you that you fully understand the implications of your Will and that you are not being influenced by anybody else. This confirmation will be held on record and can be used to substantiate your Will if its validity is called into question after you die.

Review and Sign Your Will

Once your Will Writer has drafted your Will, you will be sent a draft copy to review. This is your opportunity to make any changes and check that all of the details are correct.

Once you're happy with your draft Will, we'll send you the original to sign in the presence of two witnesses. You can then return your signed Will to us and we will securely store this for you for free for the rest of your life. Alternatively you can choose to store your Will yourself.

How Much Does the Online Will Service Cost?

A single Will costs a fixed fee of £150 and Mirror Wills (for two people) cost a fixed fee of £245 for both Wills. These prices are inclusive of VAT. Payment for your Will is taken over the phone by your Will Writer during your telephone appointment.

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