Hot Weather Blamed for Rise in UK Divorce Rates

27 July 2013

The hot and humid weather across the UK has been blamed for a rise in stormy relationships with divorce enquiries Divorce Solicitors pouring in, according to a major law firm.

Figures released by Co-op Legal Services show enquiries from married couples seeking advice on splitting up have soared since temperatures have risen and storm clouds have gathered across the UK. Husbands and wives feeling ‘the heat’ have called and emailed the business with enquiries about the financial implications of parting, to who can expect custody of the kids.

Throughout July, the business has seen a 69 percent rise* in customers requesting professional legal advice on family law matters. Each year around 120,000 marriages will end in divorce**.

The Director of Family Law at Co-op Legal Services said, "We have seen a significant surge in enquiries to our family law team since the rise in temperatures and stormy weather across the country. For many couples, the storm clouds have gathered and during a heated argument problems in a relationship can come into sharp focus."

"Sadly, for many couples there is no turning back from such heated rows and many people choose not to forgive and forget but ring a lawyer."

"If people can't patch things up and they decide that they have to take some action, counselling can be a helpful first step. If it really is all over, mediation can help many people to amicably resolve all their issues on separation. Court should always be the last resort, although this is where many cases will end up."

Co-op Legal Services, which is authorised and regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority, offers a comprehensive range of family law services which includes divorce, child protection, mediation, pre-nuptials and financial issues.

For further information please visit family law services.

Additional Information

* 69 percent rise in phone call and web enquiry volumes between 26 June and 16 July compared to previous 6 week average in May/June.

** In 2010, 119,589 marriages ended in divorce while in 2011 the figure was 117,558 according to the Office for National Statistics.

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