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£15m in Potential Charitable Legacies

Remember A Charity recognised Co-op Legal Services as the first corporate organisation to raise £15 million in potential charitable legacies through its Will writing services.Co-op Legal Services plaque from Remember A Charity for raising £15 million in potential charitable legacies through its Will writing services.

Remember A Charity works to encourage more people in the UK to consider leaving a charitable gift or donating to charity in a Will, once they’ve looked after their family and friends.

If we could all donate money to charity in our Wills we can make a huge difference. In fact, research has shown that, just a 4% change in behaviour would generate an addition £1 billion for good causes in the UK every year.

If you would like to leave a charity donation in your Will, we offer initial advice and guidance. Call our Will writing team on 03306069591 or contact us and we will help you.

Co-op Legal Services are proud to be an official partner of Remember A Charity.

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The contact with the Will writing executive was excellent. She was calm, clear and precise with a delightful personality. Very reassuring and knowledgeable." P. Callaghan
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