Why use a professional Lasting Power of Attorney service?

We offer an advice led legal service through both our online and telephone channels. Many other online Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) websites simply provide a D-I-Y document production service. The distinction is very important. LPAs are incredibly powerful documents and it’s very easy to make mistakes or misunderstand what they are, what they do and how they can be used.

That’s why we ensure that all of our customers (including those who complete the online journey) receive a bespoke, tailored telephone consultation to review their wishes and discuss their circumstances and options with an expert before their LPAs are drafted and paid for.

What our professional fee includes:

  • advice upon the different types of LPAs available and their benefits

  • advice on the choice of attorney and replacement attorney(s) and how and when they can act

  • advice on the appointment of an appropriate certificate provider

  • advice upon any appropriate preferences or instructions to be attached to the LPA, which can limit the things that attorneys can do

  • preparation of the LPA documentation

  • sending the bound LPA with full instructions via post for signing by the donor, attorney(s) and certificate provider

  • once signed and returned, we check that the LPA has been signed correctly by all the parties in the right order

  • completion and submission of papers for the registration of the LPA at the Office of the Public Guardian

  • all correspondence with the Office of the Public Guardian

  • dealing with any challenges or requisitions raised by the Office of the Public Guardian

  • the return of the registered, bound LPA for safekeeping together with additional solicitor certified copies if requested for their attorneys to use (at no extra cost)

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