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Client Testimonials for Co-op Will Writers

We are very grateful to all of our clients and customers for providing these testimonials for our Will Writing team.

"We liked that is was easy for us. Questions were straightforward and possible problems pointed out that we hadn't thought of." R.D., Cambridge

"The Will Writer was was polite, professional and explained everything clearly. In our experience of your service it was faultless." K.T., West Yorkshire

"The Will Writer was tactful and mindful. It's not a nice thing to sort out but it was dealt with professionally and appropriately." R.R., Cheshire

"Everything was very professional and yet I also felt was done on a personal level too. The Will Writer was very kind to me." C.T., Bristol

"The Will Writer was very helpful and I am very pleased with the advice and help she gave me. I liked the way it was done on line and then finished on the phone." C.P., Berkshire

"Friendly. My contact always kept to the point whilst remaining friendly and sociable." D.B., Sheffield

"All went well. I liked the sensible price, ease of initiating the contact, speed of response." C.C., Essex

Very satisfied with the whole process. I liked the efficiency, speed and clear and concise explanations and instructions." M.G., Hull

"My case handler was extremely knowledgeable and made everything easy to understand. Most helpful." E.B., Kent

"I liked the simplicity and straightforwardness of the service." D.F., Hertfordshire

“Easy to use, helpful contacts, reasonable cost and no hidden costs.” R.P., Northumberland

“Everything explained. Plain and simple to understand. Extremely satisfied.” R.B., Sheffield

“It was trouble free. An easy process with helpful staff.” R.C., Nottingham

“I was very impressed. The Will writer was efficient, professional but empathetic. Overall very pleased.” B.H., Surrey

“I liked how everything was explained. Nothing was too much trouble.” J.R., Leicestershire

“I liked the value for money, and the chance to get legal advice rather than doing it on my own.” A.T., Middlesex

“Straight forward advice and simple to get everything completed to our satisfaction.” P.B., North Yorkshire

“I liked that it was online and very self-explanatory, with efficient and clear follow up.” G.B., Cornwall

“Simple, precise, effective and efficient.” J. W., Leeds

“I felt you were acting in my interest and were trustworthy.” A. G., Essex

“Efficient and clear directives.” B. W., Cambridgeshire

“They made me aware of issues I hadn't considered.” J. D., Stockport

“Efficient, helpful with queries. Final copy well-presented and price excellent. Thank you.” B. M., Berkshire

“It was easy to follow and explained very well.” J. G., Leeds

“Easy, good value, suited to our needs.” M. H., Staffordshire

“I liked the clarity of diction over the phone, and as a person with mobility problems that it was done on the phone - so a personal touch.” B. D., Walsall

“I liked the ease of being able to arrange everything online and over the telephone.” N. B., West Midlands

“Friendly efficient service.” N. C., Somerset

“A phone call was all that was needed. Everything was explained clearly.” F. C., Cheshire

“Professional, fast, done as required and without issues.” R. G., Berkshire

“Clarity and courtesy.” J. K., Norfolk

“He was very clear and offered great advice.” P. D., West Yorkshire

“Everything was explained very clearly. It did not consume as much of our time as we thought it would.” J. W., Bristol

“I liked how easy it was to complete.” C. M., Derbyshire

“Efficient & extremely professional.” W. B., Tyne and Wear

“Clearly explained.” G. S., North Humberside

“You quickly sorted out a mistake that was largely due to us and did not make any extra charge for doing so.” J. B., Northamptonshire

“Very straightforward and we didn't feel bogged down by legal jargon.” Anonymous

“Very personable experience. I felt valued and listened to. I was nervous when I rang but I was quickly feeling relaxed and confident that the Will writer was friendly and professional.” Anonymous

“Easy to get hold of. Patient, respectful, thorough. Doing the will was effortless and reassuring.” Anonymous

“The Will writer was courteous and helpful on the phone and I saved £100 by your phone service as opposed to seeing my own Solicitor.” Anonymous

“All queries and questions were answered efficiently.” S. G., Ware

“Helpful and perfect. I am very happy with the service.” J. O., Surrey

“Efficient and well explained process.” D. W., Epping

“Personal, friendly and helpful.” T. W., Lincoln

“Easy to understand and straight talking.” M. W., Surrey

“Person who handled our case was very helpful and guided us through all aspects. Everything was straightforward and we were given good assistance on making our Wills. Excellent.” L. H., Newcastle upon Tyne

“Simple - all dealt with over the phone.” R. H., Luton

“Very user friendly.” A. S., Leicester

“Very efficient system with no need to make a visit to an office.” A. H., Leatherhead

“What I liked most was the user friendly website and the ability to book an appointment later.” L. B., Bristol

“It was user friendly and the handler was very thorough.” C. G., London

“Easy to do on the phone and a good price.” J. W., London

“The Will Writer was most helpful and listened and discussed all issues we raised with patience and understanding.” P. S., Welling

“What I liked most was dealing with everything remotely and the accessibility of an evening appointment.” A. L., Stockport

“Questions answered quickly and efficiently.” P. E., Lincoln

“Extremely civil and couldn't have explained it better.” K.P., Manchester

“A competent professional service all round.” S. E., Grange over Sands

“So easy to input the details via the internet. Telephone appointment on time. Everything was clearly explained and we weren't rushed.” S. K., Knebworth

“It was informative, it was professional, and it was excellent in every way.” C. H., Cramlington

“The time spent on our initial contact was superb and we were given plenty of time to make decisions.” F. L., Farnborough

“What I liked most was the simplicity of it and speed of response.” I. G., Cheadle

“Friendly, clear and reassuring.” P. F., London

“My case handler was very professional and provided me with clear advice and information.” S. A., Coventry

“I started my Will online which meant I did it when I thought about it and it suited me.” V. H., Taunton

“Co-op is always efficient and trustworthy. We have every confidence that our wishes will be carried out correctly.” R. Y., Rye

“Could not have been more helpful. Everything was explained to us fully.” H. W., Waltham Abbey, Essex

“We were very pleased with the service offered and the short time it took to complete everything.” H. B., Porth

“Knowledgeable and detailed. The case handler asked - and answered - questions I would probably have never thought of myself.” D. P., Walsall

“Very pleasant, quick and efficient! All was good…From organising the call to taking it, it all went very smoothly.” L. F., Coventry

“Everything was covered and explained clearly.” D. T., Ashton-under-Lyme

“Everything was great, easy and quick.” V. K., Chester

“Easy to understand and case handler was excellent.” C. O., Sheffield

“Tailor made to meet our current and future needs.” M. T., Driffield, Yorkshire

“Clear, patient and very helpful. I had time to think and was not hurried or hassled.” Anonymous

“Everything was handled fantastically.” M. V., Surrey

“Clear advice made easy to understand.” A. G., Faringdon

“Excellent service.” B. C., Pontefract

“There was one to one contact with the person who followed my application through to the end and guided me through the whole process.” Anonymous

“The whole process was really easy.” K. D., Chatham, Kent

“Everything went well and advice was given where required. The case handler was extremely helpful and made what we expected to be a complicated matter so simple.” K. B., London

"Clear and genuine advice." D. B., Bicester

"My experience was straightforward and excellent." R. C., Carlisle

"Helpful and friendly service." R. B., Sheffield

"Everything I asked was answered in a way that I could understand." J. J., Bideford

"Helpful, polite, reasonably priced, simple and I didn't need to make an appointment miles from home." D. J., Hampton

"Very good and professional." L. O., Cricklade

"You have helped me get my life in order. I have been putting off making a Will for years." A. S., West Yorkshire

"We thought that writing a Will would be complicated but Samantha made it very straightforward." N. H., Wirral

"It has been such a relief to have my Will taken care of." L. N., Bradford

"I liked the thoroughness. Patient and polite. Professional yet friendly." S.M., Bristol

"Being able to conduct the interview by telephone in the evening was very helpful." E.A., Staffordshire

"We liked the way they explained the will making process very well and made it easy to decide on what we wanted." S. L., Humberside

"Helpful, professional and great value for money." Mrs H-S., London

"Making a Will is a difficult time but the people we dealt with were top notch. If everyone who calls you gets the same treatment you are on to a winner." Mr H., Derby

"An excellent service. People I spoke to were polite, kind, friendly and helpful." Ms H., Stockport

"Clear explanations and clear, fixed pricing." E.A., Hampshire

"I liked the friendly manner and clear information that was given." Mr W., Stockport

"The contact with the Will writing executive was excellent. She was calm, clear and precise with a delightful personality. Very reassuring and knowledgeable." P. Sutcliffe

"The phone consultation enabled us to organise our Wills in our own home. The draft copy enabled us to check our requests before final copy issued." N. Wilson

"Everything was explained in a simple way. Nothing was too much trouble. Very supportive, offered options and was very helpful." P. Callaghan

"Personal, informative and uncomplicated approach." N. Pitcher

"Easy to use, prompt and professional service." P. Spencer

"It was convenient to have consultation when we chose." S. Howlett

"Professional, friendly, honest and clear." S. Fouweather

"I was made to feel at ease from the very first phone call. The advisor made the whole thing seem so simple and it was." J. Mortimore

"Everything was done over the phone in the comfort of our home. Explained and sorted in a short amount of time." M. K. Jenkins

"Highly organised and highly informative." P. Chisholm

"Easy to contact. Staff always willing to help with terminology in the Wills." H. Taylor

"It was very quick and efficient." I. Cuthbertson

"I was able to do this over the phone so no need to take time off work. Service was available in the evening so we were both available to take the telephone call." J. Banks

"It was simple, well organised, no fuss. Made it easy to do something that I had been putting off for ages." G. Houston

"Contact was made straight away. Ongoing service excellent." F. Harwood

"It was quick, easy, with friendly people who spoke to me as an equal not an OAP without a brain." G. Morgan

"Service was friendly without being familiar. Efficient and explanations were not complicated or patronising." J. Tomasso

"Received a telephone call to talk through the process and writing/decisions. The advisor was very good and very patient when we struggled to get together for the call." J. Pinnock

"Everything was clearly explained. Brief but informative and to the point. No unnecessary time wasting, all discussions were relevant." A. Bowden

"Friendly service conducted in plain English over the phone." C. Cousens

"Convenient telephone consultations and friendly, helpful staff. I've had plenty of chance to ask questions and clarify things in initial consultation." E. Bauchmiller

"I found them very helpful with my Will. They explained everything to me." E. Ann Doran

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