Tracey Moloney

Tracey Moloney

Head of Family Law, Senior Solicitor, Bristol & London

Tracey is Head of Family Law and Divorce at Co-op Legal Services and is based in Bristol and London.

Tracey has over 20 years experience successfully handling Divorce cases and Family Law proceedings in England & Wales. Tracey’s also specialises in International Divorce, high net worth divorce cases and Child Custody disputes and Declaration of Trust Deeds. Tracey has a versatile approach and will apply the most appropriate methods in accordance with the needs of her clients from round table negotiations to fully contested litigation.

With an international family law client base including the USA, Singapore, the EU and UK, Tracey is very familiar with a wide range of cross border family law issues. The needs of her clients and their desired outcome are paramount. She works closely with clients and other professionals as required including actuaries, accountants and valuers.

Client testimonials

"I was very impressed with Tracey Moloney (Head of Family Law). She put everything in a clear light. She was very professional, capable and strong. All the Solicitors I dealt with were very nice people, and very helpful." Anonymous

"I have been working with Tracey on my case for just over 2 years and have found the service to be highly efficient and professional whilst also being comfortable and supportive during what is unfortunately a generally negative life experience. The team have been pro-active and offered clear advice verbally and by email correspondence. As I enter the final stages of my case, I am pleased overall with the service provided." Mr H., Kent

"I was introduced to the Co-op Legal by Tracey who, despite holding a very senior position and having a great deal of responsibility, managed my case personally with the help of her talented and highly professional team. The legal advice has always been spot on and often a tremendous source of relief. I was pleasantly surprised at how efficiently the work gets done. You have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help me on multiple occasions but in particular in regard to the children. When required, fast and forceful action was taken. This is a service you can trust 110% to defend your interests in the best way possible that I cannot recommend enough." Mr C., London

"Thanks for your letter on my case and an extended thank you for your advice and support over the last 2 years." C. H., Kent

Tracey has featured in national newspapers including The Independent on Sunday and The Times.

Family law and divorce cases include:

  • Successfully represented a client in divorce financial proceedings where his ex continually refused to engage or provide disclosure of financial assets. Our client was not keen to start litigation but felt that he was making no progress on his own as his ex refused to deal with him directly. Successfully opened the up negotiations between our client and his ex, and obtained a divorce financial agreement without the need to go to Court.

  • Successfully represented a client whose husband left her after 20 years of marriage. While she agreed to the divorce she was extremely anxious at the prospect of being alone. The emotional barriers prevented her from moving forward in terms of the divorce and settling the matrimonial finances. Actively helped our client in coming to terms with the prospect of being alone by advising her and signposting her to various agencies and support groups that could help. Within a couple of weeks our client was feeling far more positive and in control and willing to engage in the divorce process.

  • Successfully supported a client who had committed adultery following a 30 year marriage. His remorse at causing the breakdown of his marriage was preventing him from being able to agree a fair and reasonable divide of the matrimonial financial assets. He was keen to allow his wife to retain 100%. After some initial legal advice followed by general discussion of his situation, he was able to feel less responsible for the divorce and was able to agree to retain a share of the assets that enabled him to rehouse himself.

  • Successfully represented a client who had been served divorce proceedings by his wife. He was not clear on the legal process or what he needed to do next. I explained to him that the divorce petition was based on his adultery and asked if he was in agreement. He said that he was not. I explained that a divorce petition based upon someone’s adultery needed to be in agreement with the person who committed the adultery. He informed me that he and his wife had been separated for 2 years. I wrote to the other side and after some negotiation it was agreed that the divorce petition would proceed based upon 2 years separation by consent.

  • Successfully represented a client in a multi-million pound dispute involving detailed analysis of financial assets and large Capital Gains Tax implications.

  • Successfully represented a high net worth client negotiating a divorce settlement dealing with significant overseas assets.

  • Successfully represented a client in obtaining leave of the Court to remove a child from UK to USA.

  • Successfully represented a client in getting a Court Order to enforce maintenance payments against a non-paying former husband, including a successful claim for costs.

Professional memberships

Career history

  • Graduated from Queensland University, Brisbane, Australia - Juris Doctorate 2002
  • Masters in Law specialising in Family Mediation, Dispute Resolution and Arbitration 2003
  • Completed Bar Practice Course 2004. Qualified Lawyers Transfer Test 2006.

When not working

Tracey enjoys spending time with her husband and four children. She enjoys walking her dogs and working out at the gym. Tracey is a keen reader and says that a perfect evening would be spent sharing a meal with family and friends.