Kate Crossman

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Chartered Legal Executive, Bristol

Kate is a Chartered Legal Executive specialising in family law, based in the Bristol office of Co-op Legal Services.

Kate’s areas of expertise include complex private law children matters, relocation cases, divorce, matrimonial finances (including consent orders), domestic abuse and occupation orders.

Kate has a particular interest in the area of complex disputes involving children, including cases involving:

  • concerns of parental alienation
  • appointment of a guardian
  • psychological assessments
  • capacity assessments
  • drug and alcohol concerns
  • sexual abuse
  • committal proceedings
  • vexatious litigants

Kate also has experience of international child abduction under the Hague Convention. Kate has successfully represented clients in internal relocation cases, such as securing a court order for the return of a child removed from the area where they reside.

In relation to the breakdown of a marriage, Kate is able to sympathetically assist clients through the difficult period in their life, and assist them with achieving a financial settlement. This may be through negotiation between solicitors, by agreement in a financial consent order, or through financial proceedings. Kate has experience of dealing with assets in excess of £1m and also dealing with pension actuaries.

Kate enjoys providing a high level of service to clients and achieving the best possible outcome as cost effectively as possible. Kate aims to quickly build a good relationship with her clients and a good working relationship with the other party or their solicitor. Kate appreciates that for many clients, court proceedings are a last resort, and Kate therefore endeavours to assist clients to carefully manage their case.

Career history

Kate has 16 years’ experience working in family law, previously working for a regional Legal 500 firm as a paralegal. Kate completed her CILEx Higher Diploma in Law and Practice at Anglia Ruskin University, qualifying as a Chartered Legal Executive in October 2020.

Kate previously worked in the area of criminal law, as an Accredited Police Station Representative, advising and assisting clients in custody and attending Crown Courts and prisons.

Case studies and experience

Successfully represented a client to secure the return of his child who had been removed by the other parent and relocated to a different area of the country. The child was returned to the client’s full-time care, and able to return to his school and home life.

Successfully represented a client to secure a ‘live with’ order in relation to his children after they were removed from the area by the other parent. The children now reside full time with the client and very limited supervised contact is able to take place with the other parent.

Successfully represented a client to enable her to obtain an order under section 91(14) of the Children Act 1989, also known as a “barring order”. This order meant that the other party could not apply back to the Family Court for an order regarding the child, unless the court granted permission for that application to be made.

Successfully represented a client in relation to a Hague convention case whereby the client sought for his children to remain in his care in England and not return to Mexico. Kate was able to successfully negotiate a lengthy agreement whereby the children remained in the client’s care, despite the ongoing proceedings under the Hague convention.

Successfully represented a client in complex Children Act proceedings whereby the other party continually breached court orders. A committal application was filed with the court and the other party was fined for their conduct.

Successfully represented a client to obtain a divorce whereby the client had originally represented herself and incorrectly petitioned for divorce on the basis of her own adultery. Kate was able to assist the client to amend the petition and guide the client through to completion of the divorce.

Successfully represented a client in matrimonial financial proceedings after the breakdown of a long marriage and the client’s husband began cohabiting with another person. The client initially represented herself and did not comply with court directions as she was so distraught about the separation. Kate was able to help the client to take control of the situation and ensure that the correct documents were filed with the court in a timely manner. Thereafter, Kate negotiated a financial settlement which ensured that the client obtained a fair share of the other party’s pension assets, and also ensured that the client had an income upon retirement and sufficient capital to re-house herself mortgage free.

Successfully represented a client in matrimonial financial proceedings whereby the other party had significant pension assets under various schemes which required the instruction of a pension actuary. Kate was able to negotiate a financial settlement to incorporate a pension sharing order, and also secure a mesher order for the client to allow her to remain in the family home until the children were older. The other party had sought an order for sale of the family home and the client was therefore very happy with the outcome.

When not working

Outside of work, Kate leads an active lifestyle and enjoys paddle boarding, horse riding, managing a small holding/camp site and enjoys walks in the countryside with her dog. Kate is also a very keen international traveller.