Farah Mirza

Farah Mirza

Family Law Solicitor, Bristol

Farah is a solicitor specialising in family law. She has extensive experience in complicated family matters and can assist with all aspects of divorce, separation of cohabitees (including separation agreements) domestic violence and injunctive remedies, matrimonial finance and disputes regarding children.

Farah is also able to advise on Islamic divorces under Shariah Law and can assist clients in this regard.

Farah is passionate in helping clients through difficult family law matters and aims to always achieve the best outcome for her clients. Farah is an attentive listener and takes pride in her attention to detail to advise clients on their best way forward.

Farah realises that family matters can be difficult and will always support her clients throughout their matter both with legal and emotional support.

Career history

Farah graduated in her LLB (Hons) degree in 2016 and then successfully completed her Legal Practice Course in 2017. Farah has a Master’s degree in Law, which was specialised in the voice of the child in court proceedings.

Farah has worked in the area of Family Law since studying, undertaking both volunteering and pro bono work. Farah has been working full time in Family Law since 2017 and qualified as a solicitor in July 2019.

Farah joined Co-op Legal Services in April 2021.

Professional memberships

Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)

Case studies

Farah was approached by a client who had been trying to obtain a divorce for 7 years and who advised that her husband deliberately refused to sign any divorce papers. Farah was able to contact her client's husband, who within 48 hours provided signed documents to allow her client to proceed with her divorce.

Successfully represented clients in all aspects of children matters, including relocation issues before the High Court.

Farah has successfully represented a client in making an emergency application in recovering a child from her ex-partner who did not return the child.

Successfully represented a grandmother in allowing her to obtain contact with her grandson.

Successfully represented clients in a range of financial matters, including high net worth international assets. Farah aims to always seek the best outcome for her clients and prides herself on her negotiating skills.

Successfully represented a client in obtaining a favourable financial order. The client was also awarded costs from the other party.

Successfully represented several clients in reaching a financial settlement, which helped her clients achieve not only an amicable settlement but also save extensive legal costs.

Farah has also supported her clients through difficult times when the other side has been difficult and even unreasonable.

Farah has assisted a client in achieving a substantial costs order from his ex-partners law firm due to their delay in filing documents at court, which led to an ineffective hearing for her client and waste of costs.

When not working

In her spare time Farah volunteers as a counsellor for Childline, NSPCC. Farah also enjoys cooking, socialising and swimming in her spare time.