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Our employment law solicitors have an in-depth understanding of the rights of part-time workers, who make up nearly a third of the UK workforce.

Part-time working regulations in England and Wales

Part-time workers have the right not to be treated less favourably than a comparable full-time worker, in relation to certain employment matters. This protection is set out under the Part-time Workers (Prevention of Less Favourable Treatment) Regulations 2000.

Our employment law solicitors offer expert employment law legal advice without jargon. We only represent employees and we have an in-depth understanding of the rights of part-time workers, who make up nearly a third of the UK workforce.

The rights of a part-time worker

A part-time worker has the right not to be treated less favourably by their employer than a comparable full-time worker.

This includes:

  • the terms of their contract
  • being subjected to any other detriment by their employer's actions, or deliberate failure to act

The part-time worker regulations apply to

  • basic rates of pay
  • bonuses
  • shift allowances
  • contractual sick pay
  • holidays
  • career breaks
  • parental leave
  • maternity pay and maternity leave
  • other family leave
  • fringe benefits (such as staff discounts and subsidised mortgages)
  • access to pension schemes

Part-time workers must also not be treated less favourably in connection with the service required to qualify for any benefits or the extent of any entitlement and should not be excluded from training simply because they work part-time.

The right not to be less favourably treated applies only if the treatment

  • is on the ground that the worker is a part-time worker
  • is not objectively justified

An employment law solicitor can advise you of the best course of action to take if you feel you are being discriminated against because you are a part-time worker.

We can help you organise what you want to achieve, and then negotiate amicably with your employer in order to get the results you want, without compromising your existing relationship with your employer.

Requesting flexible working hours

Since June 2014, all employees who have worked for an organisation for six months or more have the right to request flexible working hours in accordance with the Shared Parental Leave Regulations 2014. The employer is legally obliged to deal with flexible working requests in a ‘reasonable manner’.

Our employment law solicitors can help you to prepare your application to request flexible working hours from your employer.

We can also provide practical, jargon free legal advice for full or part-time workers who feel their request for flexible working hours has been declined unreasonably.

Your help made a big difference to my ability to stand my ground with my employers. Thank you. (Miss A., Hertfordshire)

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